White Sands National Monument

It was a nice calm day and perfect for visiting the White Sands National Monument.  I checked out the Visitor’s Center first upon arriving and watched a 30 minute video on how the White Sands were formed.  Then with my “Geezer Pass”(known as the America the Beautiful Senior Pass) and my drivers license in hand I drove to the park entrance.  Cost to get into the park – $0.00.  That’s what I like to hear – a big fat $0.00!!

The first thing I came upon was the Dune Life Nature Trail.  It is a one mile trail that takes you into the dunes and has great signage about the plants and animals that call the dunes their home.  Below are a few pics I took on this nature trail.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

I even was lucky to run into this little guy.  The skin color of this lizard has evolved over the years to protect it from predators.  You might want to click on it to get a better view of this little guy.

This is a Rio Grande cottonwood tree that is able to live off the water located under the dunes, even though most of it is covered by the dunes.  As long as the top leaves still flourish the tree will remain alive.

It is amazing that plants can grow and flower with only a small rainfall each year.  The area gets less then 10 inches of rain yearly.  I was able to get pics of a few plants that were still flowering.

My rig looks more like it is in Mammoth Lakes CA on a winter ski trip then the White Sands desert.  I’m ready to hit the slopes.  LOL!!

White Sands does give you the feeling you are in the snow high in the mountains.  It is really unique and no other place on earth is like this.  Their signs say that you were not allowed to take any sand from the park.  When I got back to my campsite I realized I had a great deal of sand in my shoes.  Oh well !  I didn’t take it.  It just decided to come along with me. HA!

6 thoughts on “White Sands National Monument

  1. Mammoth Lakes? lol way too funny!! We where there for 2 seasons… Not this summer!! Happy to report we’ll be in warmer areas… I will miss the Mammoth Lakes folks – they where very good to my husband and I. My favorite picture is your second one.. And wow flowers – you wouldn’t think in this area that was possible. Cheap Geazer Pass – I can’t wait to get one!! Super glad your wind was silent so you can enjoy your day…


    • I used to go to Mammoth Lakes every year, but only in the winter on ski trips. I really loved that area. Never been there in the summer but one of these days………

  2. Jim that is one of my most favorite places in this country. Tom took me there after leaving Poncha Via State Park at the Chapter 21 Rally.

    It reminded me of if someone blindfolded you and took you to White Sands then removed the blindfold and said where are you, I would of said Alaska, but it was to warm. An amazing place. Your pictures put a smile on my face.

    • Hi Debbie,

      I loved it too. I remember when you guys went to see it and how much you liked it. I will miss you at the Balloon Fiesta but I keep up with your blog to see where you guys are going.

  3. Jimbo:
    Hang on that wonderful sense of humor.

    You would not regret going to Mammoth in the summer. I would say that it is equal to the winter season insofar as being able to enjoy yourself, but the hikes are longer than you are currently doing.

    Lovely area! Great pix as usual.

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