Free Overnight Camping at Tularos Vineyards

During my travels I am always looking for ways to cut costs.  One of the best ways is to not have to pay for overnight camping.  RV campgrounds can get very expensive and when you are on a fixed income from Uncle Sam it is difficult finding really good inexpensive campgrounds.

There are several ways you can conserve but the one I found that is really great is Harvest Hosts.  I have an annual membership ($30) and they supply me with the details of orchards, wineries, ranches, and farms where I can spend one night at no cost.  I have even started to schedule them on my “Streets and Trips” software.

Last night I spent the night at a winery in Tularosa, NM.  I called ahead to make sure they can accommodate me, then when I show up I always check in to see where they want me to park.  I was greeted by the owner of the winery and he made me feel right at home.  I tasted several wines and decided on two that I liked very much.  By the way you are not obligated to purchase any of the products while staying at these locations, but I was out of wine and decided I wanted something a little better then the cheaper wines I usually purchase.  HA!

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Tularosa Vineyards is located north of the village of Tularosa, NM off Highway 54.

This is a pic of the winery against a gorgeous New Mexico sky.

The “grapes of wrath” growing in the field.  Some of the grapes were actually descended from grapes the Spaniards brought over to this country in the 1600’s.

I was parked next to a small pecan orchard.  My view was out to the Chihuahuan desert.  It was level, extremely quiet, and very scenic.

As always, the sunset was fabulous!!!  That is normal for New Mexico.

My hosts were very gracious.  I spoke with David Wickham the owner who started Tularoas Vineyards 22 years ago.  It was very interesting to hear his story about the history of his vineyard.  I also met his son Chris Wickham who is now the active winemaker.  I felt as though I knew them for many years.  Plus the wine was absolutely fabulous!!!!!  If you haven’t yet tried this method of finding free overnight campsites you might want to check it out by clicking on the Harvest Host banner below.

Harvest Hosts Affiliate Banner

3 thoughts on “Free Overnight Camping at Tularos Vineyards

  1. Hey you…. Do you get a referral discount for your referrals? I ask because I can post your id number or whatever it is that will get your those points…. FREE is always good and I love how RV folk help each keep it this way!!


    • Thanks for asking Evielynne. If you give my name when signing up for the service you and I will both get an extra month added onto their membership.

  2. Geez, Jimbo, a winery and you. What a combination. Yep, sounds like the price is right. Enjoy

    the wine!

    You take the most gorgeous sunset photos!

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