Carlsbad Caverns

I moved south and stayed at Brantley Lake State Park.  I decided on hook-ups (water/electric) since I had recently signed up for a month’s trial of Netflix and wanted to try it out.  I chose the first episode Ken Burns film on “National Parks- Ameria’s Best Idea”.  It worked flawlessly.  It was a great film.

I also chose Brantley Lake SP since it was close to both Carlsbad Caverns and also the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.  I elected to visit the Carlsbad Caverns as my first all day visit.  What a place!  My “Geezer Pass” got me a free tour of the Big Room.  Love that Geezer Pass!!!!

You get in an elevator that takes you 750′ underground in less then a minute.  Then you enter the “Big Room”.  That was a very appropriate name for this room underground.  It is HUGE!!  You take a self guided tour of the room which goes for 1 1/2 miles.  I can walk from end to end in my motorhome in about 2 1/2 seconds.  The big room took over an hour.  It was fabulous.

I only wish my pictures had turned out better, but I was constantly having to adjust my camera settings for the lighting.  It wasn’t easy getting really good pics so I selected a few of the best.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

This stalagmite is know as the Lion’s Tale.  It was HUGE!!

This is the “Totem Pole” and it looked just like one only very large.

Here is the “Doll’s Theater.  It was like looking at a small stage with many stalactites.

This formation is the “Chinese Theater”.

The pictures do not really do this wonderful cavern justice.  It is truly spectacular.  I might suggest that everyone put this on their “Bucket List”.

8 thoughts on “Carlsbad Caverns

  1. Wow, I think you got great pix, Jim. And thanks so much for the info. I live near Seattle, WA and haven’t yet gotten to the Caverns. But you sure whet my appetite. Definitely on my bucket list.

    ~ Chuck – Bellevue,WA
    22′ 1995 FL Lazy Daze

  2. Cave are so much fun – The one in Utah. Timpanogos Cave is where I thunked my head pretty good – it was kind of funny “After the Fact”… One week tomorrow we head for Idaho!! We do Hulu for our tv – I like free lol.. let us know how you like Netflex…


  3. We really enjoyed Carlsbad Caverns, too. Probably one of the only ones we would go back to again. Especially liked that it’s free with the pass and also that you can do a self guided tour. You took the elevator and missed the best part, though, all those steps going down!

  4. Hi Jim,
    Glad you liked Carlsbad. Are you going to walk down into it from the “Bat Cave” entrance? We did and really enjoyed our walk down. Rode the elevator out, of course LOL. Are the bats there yet? If so, don’t miss the ranger presentation . Hope to see you soon or at least at the BF in October.
    Rick and Annie

  5. Hi Jim:

    Now you have really outdone yourself! Those were gorgeous!! You are becoming better and

    better at photography. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Brantley Lake SP is a favorite park of mine. There are many nice things to see near there. The lake in Carlsbad was a great afternoon for me last year. I plan to return this fall. Too bad Sitting Bull Falls got caught in the wildfires and shut down. That is another impressive place. I have covered it in my blog twice. Have some fun for me.

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