You can huff and you can puff but you can’t blow my house down

One thing that is very evident in the southwest is the wind in the spring.  You can almost forget about a schedule from March-May.  Your schedule is usually determined by the wind.  I have been traveling in New Mexico since the middle of March.  My plans were to stay at each New Mexico State Park in the southern portion of the state for at least 5 days.  That would give me lots of time to explore and see many of the features of each park and allow for hiking as well.  I decided on a 5 day limit because I am traveling east into Texas to visit my son and grandkids.  FORGET MAKING A SCHEDULE.  The wind will do it for you.  Let me explain.

I stopped at Rusty’s RV Ranch where I planned to do some hiking in the Chirichahua Mountains.  This was what I saw looking out my rig the next day.  Not really a good day for hiking.  Still getting the sand out of my rig.

The beginning of April was Leasburg Dam SP –  Scheduled stay 5 days.  Actual stay 6 days – Reason – High winds for 4 days prevented leaving.  The weather was great this day but forget it the rest of the time.

Next came Pancho Villa SP  – Scheduled stay 3 days.  Actual stay 3 days.  Little wind but just seeing dentist in Palomas, Mex.

Rockhound SP – Scheduled stay 5 days.  Actual stay 6 days.  Reason – Met up with many friends here so wanted to stay longer.

Oliver Lee SP – Scheduled stay 5 days.  Actual stay 11 days.  Reason – Very high winds prevented leaving.

Brantley Lake SP – Scheduled stay 5 days.  Actual stay 4 days.  Reason – Wanted to check out the Escapees park called “The Ranch” just down the road.

Bottomless Lake SP, Oasis SP and Sumner Lake SP – Scheduled stay 5 days.  Actual stay 2 days. Reason – Overstayed at previous parks mostly due to wind conditions.

Bottomless Lake State Park

Oasis State Park

Sumner Lake State Park

Sometimes when traveling from park to park the wind determined my schedule.  I don’t like driving in high winds and when the wind hits 25 mph that can mean gusts from 40-60 mph.  So there are times you just stick it out inside your rig to wait for a time when you feel it is safe to drive.  That leads to a bad case of “cabin fever”.  I always check the weather channel either on the Internet or my cell phone to see what they predict .  I wait for a clear day with little wind, but unfortunately Mother Nature does not always oblige and the furious winds would continue past the point when they predicted it would cease such as my stay at Oliver Lee SP.

There are times I make a mad dash from campground to campground.  Again I check the weather channel to see if there is a window when the winds are not blowing as bad.  Then I go for it!!

I will be glad to get out of the spring months (March – May) when Mother Nature likes to blow her top!!  But then again when the temps reach 100 and above I will probably wish for a nice cool breeze.

7 thoughts on “You can huff and you can puff but you can’t blow my house down

  1. Boy, can we relate! We will be so glad to get out of New Mexico and the winds, too. Looks like our break today will be short, they’re predicting the wind to pick up again tomorrow.

    • I am starting out in Lubbock and then heading south to San Antonio, Austin and eventually Fort Worth where my son and grandkids live.

  2. Beautiful sunset, Jim.

    I would definitely get cabin fever as you had stated!

    Enjoy your son and grand kids when in Texas!

  3. I hit winds in the midwest last spring. My pup and I stood outside and watch the whole side of our trailer lift up-trees were bent, and I couldn’t open the driver side door of my truck. I got stuck driving in it, and I was glad that I had the set up I have–it’s WORK driving and SCARY in high wind. Couldn’t wait to get off the road.

    • I will second that emotion.It is white knuckle driving all the way, hoping you won’t get hit by a big gust. I avoid it at all cost.

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