Another free night at a winery

Traveling into Texas I was headed to Lubbock and checked with Harvest Hosts and sure enough they had a winery there called CapRock Winery.  I called ahead and spoke to Charles, explaining that I was a Harvest Host member and checking to see if there was any overnight camping available.  Sure enough they had space and he explained where I should park.

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Crossing from New Mexico into Texas.

The entrance to Caprock Winery.  It was very impressive.

They had huge doors to the entrance of the winery and tasting room.  I didn’t get there until 4:00 so missed out on the tour but did enjoy a great glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  I also purchased a bottle for later consumption.

It was a very busy day for them but they were extremely nice in accommodating me.  I met Charles and he said to park anywhere I would like to in back of the building.  It was a very level site and there was nothing around except large farms.  I had the whole place to myself.  On my way out I closed and locked the gate.

Not bad for a free overnight camping spot.  If you too are looking for free overnight camping at great wineries, orchards, or farms check out Harvest Hosts. Tell them Jim sent you and they will give you an extra month.

Tip: If staying overnight here, don’t park too close to the building as they have compressors that kick on automatically throughout the night.  Other then that it was very quiet.

3 thoughts on “Another free night at a winery

  1. We’re seeing a pattern here. A free place to park for the night but in reality it costs the price of a bottle of wine!(Not that that’s a bad thing.)

    • Not really. You are not committed to purchasing anything if you don’t care to. I usually purchase a bottle of wine only because I really enjoy good wine. I am also offered free wine tasting as well. It is no different then stopping at a Walmart to spend the night and proceed to spend more money inside then you would if you went to a campground. Or at a Cracklebarrel and going inside for dinner.

      To me it is nice being able to sample good wines from many different regions. Plus I get to meet those people who actually make the wine and hear all their great stories.

  2. I would agree with your comment, Jim. So long as you are camped when enjoying the great wines. It is enjoyable to see/understand how the wines are made.

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