Jimmy The Kid visits Billy The Kid

My last stop in New Mexico was the Sumner Lake State Park.  I arrived just in the nick of time as I was able to grab the last water/electric campsite available.  Just as I was going to the pay station a guy came through and asked me if there were any campsites left.  Sorry Dude, but I just got the last one.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

The state park is nestled in among many private homes in the Sumner Lake area.  Not many trees but it was very nice.

Another shot of the lake.

Once I left the park to head east I just had to check out the cemetery where the infamous Billy The Kid was buried.  This was the first grave marker I spotted and thought it quite interesting. HA!!

Here is where Billy The Kid was buried.  He was 21 when he was shot and killed by the sheriff and supposedly had killed 21 people before his death.  I thought it was a pretty fancy gravestone for a “Killer”.  I drove 7 miles out of my way to see this.  Good thing they didn’t charge to see it.

Well that is the last of the southern New Mexico State Parks.  I am hoping I will be able to visit some in the northern part of the state before my annual pass runs out in October.  But for now I am headed east to catch up with family.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy The Kid visits Billy The Kid

  1. Did you use the word “DUDE” LOL ummmm lol… I think the correct history was like 7 people he killed. Gad you grabbed the last spot. Oh it looks so warm there – it’s raining mountian lions and bears instead of the plain boring cats and dogs. eeek since 4pm yesterday. We leave tomorrow. And I am looking forward to it BUT the weather is in the 50’s there brrrr back to that again lol. Enjoy your area and get lots of pictures…


  2. Now I can say I saw where Billy the Kid was buried. You’re right, too much fan fare for a no good guy! Glad I saw it nevertheless.

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