Texas Hill Country – South Llano and Garner State Parks

I have been traveling in the Texas Hill Country for the last seven days.  From Abilene SP I drove southeast to South Llano SP where I stayed two nights.  I really enjoy the Texas State Parks because they have so much to offer.  Before deciding where to camp I use RV Park Reviews.com .  I also got a map of all the Texas State Parks.  At this point I decided I was going to stay in enough Texas state parks to make it worth my while to spend the $60 for the Texas State Parks Annual Pass.  The pass eliminates the daily entrance fee(anywhere from $3 to $6 per day), but what they don’t tell you is that you also are entitled to 4 passes for 1/2 off camping fee if you are staying for 2 nights at a campground.

At South Llano SP this is near the entrance to their Fawn Trail, which is about a 7 mile loop from the camping are.

Throughout the trail they have set up many bird blinds.  I took this pic of a Cardinal from one of the blinds.

The Fawn trail takes you high up above the trees to view a large canyon.

A pic of the trail heading down toward the campgrounds.

Here is a pic of my campsite.  All the campsites provide plenty of room with shrubbery on either side for privacy.  The only problem was that I had no Internet or cell phone service.  I even hooked up my Wilson amplifier with no luck.

Another view of my site.

Two days later I drove further southeast to the Garner SP.  This park was very open and had a lot of area for day use.  I was here on Thursday and Friday and I think I left just in time as the noisy weekenders were coming in for a couple days of rafting on the river.  This is a pic of some of the campgrounds backed up against the hills.

Another view of the hills.

My campsite is located in one of the many campground areas within the park.

I really love the Hill Country.  I purposely stuck to the two lane highways and the scenery was beautiful.  There are many ranches and farms all through this area.

8 thoughts on “Texas Hill Country – South Llano and Garner State Parks

  1. Glad you are enjoying Texas.
    When do you visit your son and family?
    I hope you continue to enjoy all the hikes etc.

  2. We really liked Garner State Park, but not on the weekend. On a Sunday we moved to a site by the river after everyone left. Remember there were some challenging trails there, did you get to hike any of them?

  3. They put me in the campgrounds that was the farthest from the hiking trails. I was only there for 2 days so didn’t bother to move. I did hike to the hiking trails (HA!)about a mile but was too hot and sweaty to want to hike. I am not used to the humidity yet.

  4. Jim glad to see you are still enjoying life to it fullest. Tom and I are currently RVing the east coast. We will be heading out to Gillette, WY for the Escapade (are you planning on doing this event). Then I think I am going to have my other knee replaced in the middle of Sept. and hope to be back on the road for the winter months.

    Take care, Tom and Debbie RV Kids

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