Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach

One place I really wanted to go on my way north was Luckenbach, TX.  The town was immortalized by  a song sung by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  I just had to see this place.  It is located just a few miles east of Fredricksburg off hwy 290.  But you can’t blink or you will miss the turnoff.  You drive about 5 miles down a little country road wondering where you are going.  I couldn’t even use my GPS because Luckenbach wasn’t even listed on it.  I have an older GPS and haven’t updated it since I purchased it many years ago (time for a new one).

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

The little old country road to Luckenbach.

This is the Post Office/General Store/Saloon.  A great combination.  You can pick up your bills from the post office, go in the back and have a few stiff drinks to try and forget what you owe to everyone, and then buy a bottle and six pack to go from the general store.  All this while not moving more then twenty feet.  Not bad!!!

Notice the rooster on top of the general store/saloon/post office.  He was crowing at everyone.

I did get suckered into a couple of souvenirs just to show everyone that I had been there.  A great looking cork stopper for my wine bottle.

Plus a small magnetic placard.  After all I NEEDED both of these items anyway.  LOL!!!

My next stop was Blanco State Park just 15 miles outside of Johnson City.  It is a beautiful SP and I had a huge farm as my back yard.

Of course all my new friends came out to greet me.  HA!!

A view of the dam at the Blanco River.

It had the real lazy Blanco River to play in.

From there I drove north about 170 miles to the Live Oak campground.  This is a Corps of Engineers campground where I got a 50% discount by showing them my America the Beautiful (geezer) card.Not bad for $9.  This is a view of my new backyard.

A real nice camp site even though I was only here for one night.

A nice shot of Belton Lake.

A thundercloud in the distance.  Hope it doesn’t come this way.

While here I got a call from my sister who informed me that there was a large thunderstorm headed for the Fort Worth/Dallas area.  She was worried that I would be driving right into it.  I assured her that I would be watching the weather channel and would not move until I knew it would be OK.  Fortunately the storm moved farther east and I was OK to drive into Fort Worth.

9 thoughts on “Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach

  1. That Post Office/General Store/Saloon sounds like my kind of place.
    I noticed the rooster, but thought it was a fake one. Huge sucker.
    Did you notice the outhouse on the left side of the building marked
    “ATM”? Too funny.

  2. I also thought that rooster was fake until I got closer and saw that it was moving and making all kinds of noise. Quite a place.

  3. Looks like you missed Austin. Hopefully not because I really wanted to get to see you. But if so, we will see you in Albuquerque for sure.

  4. Sorry Terry! I just ran out of time. I had to be in Fort Worth before the holiday. We will make up for it at the Balloon Fiesta.

  5. I would’ve stayed @ Belton Lake longer, lovely.
    Beautiful picture of the sky with a storm in the distance?
    I’ve forgotten where your son is. Fort Worth?
    Enjoy, as I know you are!

  6. Just foudn your blog from a link on Al’s page (Bayfield Bunch). Had to see what a fellow Lazy Dazer was up to! Great pictures of Luckenbach and the campground at Blanco State Park looks great. Enjoy your travels. Donna K

  7. Howdy Jim Melvin,

    A real good friend of mine was born & raised in Melvin, Tx.. Almost the whole town is owned by
    the Jacoby’s, who are really wonderful people.. If you’re ever back this way(Coleman county)
    give us a shout @ the RunningStar Ranch on hiway 153 across from Hords Creek Lake(COE park);
    wonderful camping place or we’ve got our own hook-ups.. Have seen your blog on lots of blogsites and just decided to look, today.. Enjoyed it very much and will follow on down the road.. Come by anytime; the coffee pot’s always on & perking.. Be glad to have you…

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!!!!!!!!!!(not unlikely 20-30mph)

    butterbean carpenter
    RunningStar Ranch
    Coleman county

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