Big Fishing Day at Cedar Hill State Park

I flew in from CA on Monday and stayed at my son and his wife’s home for the night. They drove me out to pick up my rig on Tuesday and then drove to the Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas.  My grandson Garrett was going to spend a couple of days with me in my rig.  This was a good time for me to get better acquainted with him.  It was really fun having him with me.  At the same time it was really nice being back in my home on wheels and continue my travels.

Cedar Hill SP is on the Joe Pool Lake.  It is a big lake and Texas State Parks allows fishing from the shore in the state park without a fishing license.  Here is a pic of my grandson Garrett fishing from near our campsite.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Another pic of fishing from the shoreline.

Wow he even caught one!!!  What a whopper!!

Grandpa didn’t want to be outdone so he had to catch one as well.  Now we both can brag about the huge fish we caught.  Of course we threw them back in the lake to be caught at a later time.

We had tried fishing during the day but it was much too hot.  It has been 101 each day so far.  Yuk !!!!!  I am not used to this heat so a lot of the day was spent inside my rig watching tv and reading while the a/c was blasting to keep us cool.

Of course there was a beautiful sunset to end our day.

I will be here for 2 weeks and then head farther east in Texas to a couple more state parks.

2 thoughts on “Big Fishing Day at Cedar Hill State Park

  1. Hi Jim:
    Great seeing you here in California.
    Glad you are able to spend time with your family. Enjoy!
    Your grandson appears to tower over you.
    Beautiful sunset, by the way.

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