I landed at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on Monday and wouldn’t you know it but it was the first day of 3 digit temperatures for the year.  I didn’t bring the hot weather with me since it was only in the 70’s when I was in So CA.  When I flew to CA I had only packed short sleeve shirts and shorts.  Luckily I brought a couple pair of jeans as well.  I really needed them.  I had to borrow long sleeved shirts from my brother in law Bob just to stay warm.  There were times when I was actually cold.  Not so in Texas.

Flying back into Dallas/Fort Worth I noticed the heat immediately after getting off the plane.  Now it is Saturday and in the sixth day of 100 degree temperatures.  Today it is supposed to reach 104 and tomorrow it will cool down to 101.  LOL!!!  However it is going to really cool down on Monday when it will  reach 98 and Tuesday when it is forecast to ONLY go to 92.

Needless to say I am not used to this weather since I have been traveling mostly in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  The problem isn’t necessarily the heat but the humidity.  Texas is a very humid state thus you perspire a great deal.  I have been in the other states when it is in the high 90’s and 100 but it doesn’t feel quite as hot.

I am camped at Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas and will be here for another 10 days before I start heading east.  When I checked in here on Tuesday I asked for a campsite near the water and was shaded.  The lady told me I was right on the water and there was plenty of shade.  She was correct in that I was on the water and the picnic table had lots of shade, but my rig was not shaded at all at any time during the day.  I stuck with that site while my grandson Garrett was here so we could do some fishing.  My son Curt picked him up yesterday and I decided to move to a different site where my rig would be shaded.

This is a pic taken out my window of the beautiful shaded spot I selected.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Another pic of my dining room.  Not too shabby!!

As you can see my rig is well shaded.

This site in the shade has lowered the interior temperature more then 10 degrees from a previous 86 down to a comfortable low 70’s.  Of course that is with the A/C running constantly.  I am just glad I don’t have to pay for the electricity.

I am very comfortable now and am fortunate I have such a wonderful view.  Plus the trees cut down on the wind.  Life is Good !!!


  1. Jim glad to see you are still enjoying life to the fullest. Glad you could share a part of it with your grandson.

  2. Gee, Jim, what message were you trying to get across?
    Family is “The Most!” Glad you spent time with them. Any more visits on schedule?
    Just returned from breakfast with Megan and Jon to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.
    Glad you found a cool spot. I doubt I could take all that heat!:(
    ENJOY your family as I know you do and will!!

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