Upgrades to Jimbo’s Journeys


If you haven’t already noticed I have a new section called BLOGS I FOLLOW.  It is located on the right hand side of the blog below the Archives and BlogRoll.  It now contains just a few of the many blogs I read on a regular basis and will be updated with more.  You can click on any of these links and it will open up a new window with that blog.


I am upgrading all my posts to reflect the appropriate category.  Prior to this I was putting every post in the “uncategorized” category.  I have completed adding categories to all of the posts for 2011 thus far.  I will continue to update posts and will let you know when all are completed.

How does this help you?

Just under the post heading and below my name there is the category line.  If you wave your mouse and click on any of these categories it will link you to all the postings that are directly related to that particular category.  Many of these are my posts and there may also be posts of other bloggers in the WordPress system.  You can always tell my posts by looking at the gravator or picture to the left of the post.  This can be very helpful in not only being able to see all of my posts that are related but can also give you a different viewpoint through another bloggers posts.

Example:  In my previous post titled “Visiting Family on Father’s Day – One of the Great Benefits of RVing” the categories were:

Cedar Hill State Park



Texas State Parks

Texas State Parks Pass

You could have clicked on any of these links to obtain more posts related to that particular category.


The “Free Overnight Camping” page just below the Header Picture explains how you can receive free overnight camping at many farms, orchards, wineries, and vineyards.  I have expanded this page to include links to the posts of the sites I have actually  camped at.

Just click on the links at it will take you to the post I made when staying at that site.  That way you can go back and see what I had to say about it.  For example: I have added the links to posts for the follow sites:

Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch = Arizona

CapRock Winery – Texas

Tularos Winery – New Mexico

As I travel and post to other free sites I will update the “Free Overnight Camping” with the appropriate links.


I will be adding new pages that will include descriptions and links to posts for the following:




These are just a few of the changes I have made.  If you have any ideas about what you would like to see please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Upgrades to Jimbo’s Journeys

  1. Hey there Jim. The upgrades look good. Will definitely make it easier to navigate your blog.
    Can’t think of anything else you could do. Course I’m brand new at this stuff myself.
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. It was a really good one, even though I’m getting to the age
    where you don’t want them to come faster – or even at all.

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