Caddo Lake State Park – Karnack, TX

Since I have been in Texas I have mostly opted to stay at the Texas State Parks.  They have a lot to offer but if  you plan on staying at them you should also purchase the Texas State Parks Pass for $60.  The parks all have different camping fees but each park requires a daily entrance fee in addition.  So far I have saved $183 dollars by not having to pay an entrance fee and it only cost me $60.  I was also able to use it to get my family in Cedar Hill SP several times.  It covers anyone that you are in the same vehicle with.

Caddo Lake had a weekly rate of $75 which I decided to take advantage of since it was the holiday weekend and I didn’t want to have to deal with traffic.  Normally the fee for a campsite with water and electric costs $12 per night.  There is a $2 entrance fee which I wasn’t required to pay since I have the Texas States Park Pass.  With the pass and the weekly rate it only costs me $75 vs $98 for 7 nights and no pass.  Not bad huh!!!!!

My only request when I registered at the visitor’s center was that I have a site with plenty of shade.  I have made the same request at the last two Texas state parks and each one told me that all there sites were shaded.  That was not true and both times I had to request another site.  I trusted the ranger that she knew what she was talking about and sure enough ALL of the campsites here are very shaded with huge trees all around.  Of course my A/C is running constantly since the temperature will no be going under 98 the whole week I am scheduled here.  Plus it is very humid.  YUK!!!

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

I got out in the morning to take a hike before it got too hot (only in the 80’s LOL!).  I read online about a app for my Droid Incredible called RunKeeper.  It keeps track of your hikes and gives you distance, speed, calories burned and even gives you a map of your hike.  It is pretty awesome.  I hiked down to the Saw Mill Pond on the edge of the lake where there is a fishing dock.  You can also rent canoes and take a tour of the lake on a large boat as well.  The lake is a cypress swamp with trees covered with Spanish moss growing in the water.  It is very surreal.

Lots of lily pads growing all around the fishing pier.  I am not sure how you would be able to fish here.

Farther up the road I found a nature trail that I decided to check out.  It was almost a mile long and came out near the park headquarters.

The forest around is very dense but the trail was well marked.

By the time I got back to my rig my t-shirt was soaked completely through.  I want to do some fishing here but have decided I need to get up earlier to avoid the heat and humidity.

3 thoughts on “Caddo Lake State Park – Karnack, TX

  1. Get yourself a mouse lure with a tail. Cast it out onto those lily pads and hop it across them. If that water has Bass in it, they will explode up to grab the mouse. I think a frog would work pretty much the same way, as long as you make the hopping look realistic.
    I’m like you – can’t deal with the humidity. Dry heat is still uncomfortable, but for me, it is more tolerable.
    Here in Arizona, some much needed rainfall is supposed to be coming for the next 6 or 7 days in the form of thunderstorms. I hope the White Mountain area gets plenty of moisture so some of the recreational areas can re-open after the fires, cause that’s where I am headed next.
    I need to do some fishing soon…..

  2. Texas in July is as miserable as Florida in July. Two good places to not be. We’re in Troy, PA right now, Jim. Low last night was 58*.
    If you decide to head to the Gulf Coast let me know. I know a bunch of free beach camping places.

  3. Gorgeous lake, Jim.
    I will be heading out shortly to visit family and will probably meet up with way too much humidity, but such is life.
    Let me know if you catch any fish. My neighbors just returned from Canada on a fishing trip and brought back their catch to enjoy.
    I doubt your weather will improve much so long as your stay is in Texas.
    Enjoy the ac.

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