Caddo Lake Boat Tour

Caddo Lake State Park takes up only a small portion a corner of Caddo Lake so I thought it a good idea to take a boat tour that I could catch right at the state park.  The price was $17.50 for adults but I only had to pay the geezer price of $15.  It was a small flat bottom tour boat with motor.

A couple of groups of boaters enjoying the water.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

More people enjoying the water.

Road ends?  Not sure what that is all about.

You see all sorts of homes around the edge of the lake.

The main thing here was that they had access to the water for both swimming and boating.

This home was like a small mansion.

You could barely see this home.  But I bet the trees kept it much  cooler on this 102 degree day.

I took a short video showing some of the beautiful homes and the water activities going on at Caddo Lake over the July 4th holiday weekend.

It was really fun going on this tour and seeing all the beautiful homes and cottages along the shore as well as all the people trying to cool off from the heat.  Maybe tomorrow I will try my luck at fishing.

2 thoughts on “Caddo Lake Boat Tour

  1. I’m sure someone else has already clarified the ROAD ENDS sign in the middle of Caddo Lake cypress swamps. The state of Texas Department of Transportation has mapped 42 miles of “boat roads” through the swamps of Caddo Lake so that it can be more easily navigated. I believe you can even use your GPS, entering certain “street addresses or intersections within the lake, to which your GPS will then guide you. Neat, huh?

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