Blogs I Follow – Ed and Carol Lazy Daze Travels

Another blog I follow righteously is Ed and Carol Lazy Daze Travels.  They have been writing their blog since November, 2005 and have told many great stories and have been at many wonderful places throughout the country.  Right now they are in Pennsylvania on their way up to Michigan.

I first met Ed when I was camped at Crater Lake, OR.  I had been in a no hookups site for several days and when the crowd all went home I opted for one of the few electric sites in the park.  I signed in and was given one for the remaining night I had planned on being there.  I moved and got hooked up in my new site and finally had some electricity without having to run my generator.  I was on my way to Eugene, OR at the time where I was going to have my solar panels installed.

I got set up and was gazing out my window when a newer Lazy Daze pulled up in the campsite directly across from me.  I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it.  By the way, whenever I see a Lazy Daze motorhome I always get excited.  I didn’t want to bother them while they were getting set up in their site so I continued going about my business.

A little while later Ed came knocking on my door and introduced himself.  I was really excited.  Not only was I meeting another Lazy Daze motorhome owner, but the motorhome was the same color as mine.  Of course his was much newer and had a different floor plan.  We talked about a variety of subjects, but I do remember mentioning that I had to run my generator a couple times a day to recharge my laptop computer.  Ed had told me that he had a solar panel and he only recharged his computer once a day in the morning.

I did not have a chance to meet his wife Carol since I was going to a ranger presentation given at the campgrounds.  I am a late riser in the morning and they were gone when I awoke.  They were also going north but to a different campground.  I guess I only spoke with Ed a short time but it was fun meeting another Lazy Dazer.  I don’t remember exchanging email addresses. DUH!!!

I guess I forgot about Ed and Carol for a while since I had met so many other Lazy Daze people after that.  There was the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM in Oct 2010 and the Death Valley Rally on New Years 2011.  Then my friend Rodger who had encouraged me to attend the Death Valley Rally had organized a bunch of us Lazy Daze owners to meet in Quartzsite, AZ.

Then all of a sudden Ed and Carol pull up and out pops Ed.  I was in my rig at the time and just about went through the roof.  I am yelling “I know that guy” referring to Ed.  It took me a while to remember where I had seen him (a senior moment), but then it came to me.  I was very excited and happy to meet him again.  Plus this time I was able to meet Carol and Gopher their dog.  We had a great time there and also shared our daily experiences around the campfire.

I also met up with them again at the SW Lazy Daze Rally in Benson, AZ in Feb/Mar.  It was there that I found out that Carol’s brother John Wagner is the creator of Maxine for Hallmark.  She handed out a bunch of autographed cartoons at the rally.  I guess it really is a small world.  I have enjoyed these cartoons for many years.

I don’t know when I will see my friends again but I am hoping it isn’t too long, but in the meantime  I will keep up with their travels via their blog Ed and Carol Lazy Daze Travels.

1 thought on “Blogs I Follow – Ed and Carol Lazy Daze Travels

  1. lazy Daze is why I read your blog, got turreted en al told of you r adoption of Goldy, ours is an old Chev1982, lots of brown, time to fix or replace.

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