Jefferson, TX

I took this day to unhook and travel 15 miles to the quaint little town of Jefferson, TX.  There are lots of old buildings and homes and the area offers steamboat tours of Caddo Lake and surrounding areas as well.  I enjoyed browsing through many of the antique and collectibles shops (junk stores HA!).

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Anybody for a unusual ride in this limousine.  I’m not too sure about sitting on top though.

This was Broadway Street which is only a few blocks long.

I really liked this neat little key holder for my rig.  At $4 I couldn’t resist.

It was real pleasant drive from the Caddo Lake SP to Jefferson, TX all on two lane country roads.  I got to see the wonderful farmland along the way and a lot of neat homes.  I just love driving the two-lane highways.  It is soooooo relaxing.

4 thoughts on “Jefferson, TX

  1. The two-lane roads can be “fun”, but the things you see along them make it worth it.
    I convinced the campground host here that the attempted “chair reservation” deal wasn’t
    gonna fly. Moved them out of the way and took possession of the site. Wish it were closer
    to the lake. Gonna get my ATV street legal asap.
    Thanks for the compliment about my photos.

  2. Couldn’t agree more about small town America. That’s where America really is. It’s not inside the DC Beltway, not in NYC, not in LA. America lives in places like Jefferson, TX.
    Enjoy your travels, Jim.

  3. I can see you putting that key ring holder in your rig.
    The small towns are where it is at if you care to see America. Causes me to think of my Mn travels.

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