Out of Retirement?? Am I Nuts!!!

After Caddo Lake I traveled 108 miles to Tyler, TX.  I first checked my route using Microsoft Streets and Trips and it said it was only about 75 miles.  It had me traveling south to connect to I20 and then travel the 46 miles on I20 to Tyler.  NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!

If you don’t already know me by now I hate traveling on interstate highways.  Give me a two lane country road any day of the week, but an Interstate, FORGET IT!!  I like to travel 50-55 MPH and hate to slow anybody else down.  I am aware that the 18 wheelers have schedules to meet and I am very thankful for the job they do.  However, if I am going 55 and everyone else is going 70 I may be causing them unnecessary delays.  But the real truth of the matter is, I like to slow down and see the countryside.

Anyway I changed my route to Tyler and stayed on the two lane highways.  It added 33 miles to my route but the peace of mind was well worth it.  You may ask why I am going to Tyler, TX.  Well on workamper.com they had a posting for a job at a new RV park south of Tyler.  I wasn’t even looking for a job at the time but since I was already in Texas and can always use a few extra bucks, I decided to check it out.

The job sounded like your typical camp host position.  A FHU site in exchange for working in the park.  I wrote the owner and she told me to call her husband which I did.  They only required 30 hours work per month in exchange for a FHU site, but I would have to pay the electricity.  There was already a host on site and I would just be filling in for him now and then.  To make a long story short I told him I was interested and nearby so he said just come on down and report to the other camp host.

This is not your ordinary park.  For one thing it is brand new and doesn’t even have all the electrical hookups wired yet.  There are only 5 rigs parked here including the camp host’s and mine.  The owner is looking to rent to extended campers only at this time and not for people that would only be staying a day or two.  The laundry room is still under construction (washers, dryers, showers, wi-fi).  They haven’t yet enabled the cable TV yet but that is also in the works.

I helped the other camp host over the weekend spraying for ants watering garden and around the entrance.  On Tuesday I met the owner and he told me he only wants me to work the minimum hours (30 per month).  That is fine with me as I am not looking for a full time job anyway.  Just something to lower the campsite fees for a month and eliminate any driving thus saving me some money.  I figure it will save me about $700 just for one month.  I agreed to work for one month only which the owner was OK with.  My main job is to get up early and pull weeds for any hour each day and help the camp host greeting cars on the weekends.  Not a bad deal.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Here is the entrance to the park.

It is very nice with about 50 full hook-up sites.

Here is my home for a month

I am close to many stores here.  I think it will really develop into a nice park for snow-birders in the winter.  The owners are very nice putting a lot of time and money into making this a great park.  I plan on using the time here to save money and re-organizing all of my storage.

4 thoughts on “Out of Retirement?? Am I Nuts!!!

  1. Wow!….. that was out of the blue.
    Sounds like a good test ground to see how you would like camp-hosting. You’re like me – ease into it and find
    out. I’ve often thought I might enjoy it myself. Only I would be up in Wyoming …. just outside of Yellowstone.
    Good Luck.

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