Blogs I Follow – Old Fat Man Adventures

I have been following Old Fat Man Adventures for several years now.  I first noticed it on the hitchitch site where you will find many blogs pertaining to the RV lifestyle.   The Old Fat Man is actually Barney.  He is a single fulltime RV’er who travels with his pickup truck that pulls his travel trailer named “Comfort Castle”.

Most of the time you will see him in Southern Texas along the Gulf Coast.  He usually spends the winter and sometimes even the summer down there.  His big interests are golfing, kayaking, fishing, eating and just hanging out.  His descriptions of the towns and people wherever he stays are priceless.  He also gives a lot of “How To” tips on his blog which is also very useful to a guy like me that is not the most handy person in the world.

I followed his blog for several years without even once meeting him.  I would write comments on his blog whenever applicable.  When he was ready to move on down the road one day he asked for suggestions on where to travel next.  I wrote that he should probably check out New Mexico.  It wasn’t too far to drive from Texas to get to New Mexico and since I have had experience camping there I figured it was a nice place to go.  I don’t know if that had any affect on his future travels or not, but he did take off and head there.

I was staying in the Rockhound State Park with several other friends and one day Jim and Gayle of Life’s Little Adventures fame and I  had just completed a hike and we were talking at their site.  Then this truck pulls out and out pops this guy and came up to us and wondered if I was Jim Melvin.  I was amazed since this guy knew my name and I don’t every recall meeting him.  Well it turned out to be Barney.  He was spending some time in Deming, NM and I had commented on his blog about checking out some petroglyphs I had seen north of Deming.

He introduced himself and we talked for some time about all kinds of things including the Texas Gulf Coast.  I was amazed that we knew each other for some time without having ever meeting.  That just goes to show you how powerful the Internet can be.  You never know who may be reading your blog.

I was hoping I could stop by and see Barney on my way to San Antonio, TX but I just did not have enough time.  I have spoken with many people who have traveled the Gulf Coast and all highly recommend going there.  It is high on my list but would rather go there in the cooler months.  I just hope when I go that I can meet up with Barney once again.

After following Barney’s Old Fat Man Adventures for several years it was really nice to actually meet up with him.  It just makes his blog more meaningful.   I highly recommend reading his blog especially if you are planning on traveling to the Texas Gulf Coast.

2 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow – Old Fat Man Adventures

  1. I have been following his blog for a few months. His pictures are beautiful and his post are fun and informative. He seems a nice person. I am glad you got to meet him.

  2. I met The Old Fat Fart (he’s not really fat) some time back when he was through Fredericksburg, Tx. I worked as a docent at Fort Martin Scott there. We had off and on visits over a couple of years when ever he was in the area. Reall y nice guy. If you run into him again, tell him “hi” from Mac at Fort Martin Scott.

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