Staying Ahead of Trouble

Before traveling into Texas I wanted to be able to stay informed of bad weather conditions (tornadoes, hail, severe thunderstorms, high winds, etc,).  I read about many weather radios before deciding on the Midland HH50 Pocket Weather Radio.  I didn’t want to spend too much and wanted something that was small and very portable.  It definitely fit the bill.  I purchased mine from and paid $19.95 for it.

I had read about Apps for your Iphone or Android but decided against those as there are times when I sometimes forget to charge my phone at night and it completely loses it’s charge.  This is especially true when I am boondocking.  I wanted something I could just add batteries and it would work right out of the box.  I didn’t want anything complicated that you would need to input the location where you were camping.

When I received it all I had to do was add 3 AAA batteries.  There is a test button that you can press to verify that the alert function is operating properly.  Then you just “set it and forget it”.  HA!  Sounds like an old rotisserie I used to own.  Whenever there is a weather alert in your area it will automatically broadcast.  When you move on down the road to a different area it automatically changes areas.  You are not required to do anything.  Just make sure the batteries are charged up.

The main reason I purchased it was I knew I would be traveling in areas that were prone to have high winds, thunder storms and tornadoes.  I wanted to be aware of weather conditions going on around me that may cause me to pack up and move.  I can usually handle high winds (New Mexico) and thunder storms (Texas).  But as far as tornadoes go – FORGET IT I am out of here!!!

It is very portable and could be easily attached to your belt if you decided to take it with you on a hike.  It does have a 6″ antenna.  I prefer to place my pocket weather radio attached to my curtain in my overcab bed.  It will definitely wake me up in the middle of the night to any alerts that may be broadcast in my area.  I can also hear it anywhere in my rig.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

I really think that my weather alert radio has brought some added safety to my fulltiming adventures.  When I do hear an alert I can determine at that time what to expect weather wise and act on that.




2 thoughts on “Staying Ahead of Trouble

  1. Hello there – boy you bring up a major good point – our weather radio is not the best at all and we need to upgrade big time… Here is some great info a lot of RV folks have amazon on their blogs and if you purchase your items through their sites you’re helping an RV folk out… That’s how we shop now. In fact getting ready to purchase a metal detector – husband new hobby!! Keep ahead of trouble friend..


    • I am amazed at everything you think of and put to use. Way to go. Keep that brain functioning well, as you appear to be doing!

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