Texas Domicile – Step Two

The following day I was able to take care of two things at once.  One was to apply for my Texas Driver’s License and also to register to vote.  I went into the Texas Department of Public Safety which handles driver’s license applications.  In Livingston it is located right next to the jail.

Just like at the Tax Office where I handled my RV registration, I was the only person in the entire office.  I couldn’t believe it.  In California where I previously lived you might as well schedule an entire day to handle either driver’s license or registration.  But because Livingston is a small town I was able to go right in and taken care of everything.

I had checked with the Escapees headquarters regarding what I must take with me in order to obtain my new driver’s license.  I needed proof of my residency which I was able to obtain from the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service.  Then I needed my social security card, proof of insurance card on my RV, RV registration, my passport and my CA driver’s license.

The helpful lady gave me a form which I had to fill out.  This form also had a box that you could check to complete your registration to vote.  I did not have to take a written test or a driver test since I was relinquishing my CA driver’s license.  I then returned the form to the clerk, took an eye exam and they took my thumb prints and a photograph.

Then I was given a temporary license and told that I would receive my license in 4-6 weeks.  This whole process took about 20 minutes.  Not to shabby!!!!!  Now my RV is registered in the state of Texas, I have a Texas driver’s license and can vote in the next election.

In case you are wondering why I chose to change my domicile from California to Texas it is primarily to obtain a less expensive Medicare Supplement.  I have already talked with a broker in Polk county (where Livingston, TX is located).  This will give me complete health coverage anywhere I travel.  I no longer have to worry about being in network or out of network and can see any doctor I wish without added costs.

I will summarize all of the requirements in a later post for those thinking of changing their domicile to Texas.

YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!!!!!  I am now a TEXAN!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Texas Domicile – Step Two

  1. Congratulations Jim — Your rig also now sports TX tags, plus stickers on the windshield. Our first LD was from an Escapee with TX tags that we used until we got back to TN which is our offical legal domicile. Registration there was almost as simple and quick as you experienced… plus cost of annual registration was $26 – versus almost $400 if we had registered in CA. Happy Weekend!!

  2. Will be interested to read about your medical insurance policy. Sounds like a good deal. Is there an annual residency requirement to remain domiciled in Texas?

  3. What are the laws regarding domicile in TX? Any refferals in this matter would be helpful. All I can find is stuff for students. I am not a student.

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