Short Stop-Over In Dallas

I started out from Tyler, TX and made it as far as McKinney, TX where the old rig slowed down and refused to go any further.  Fortunately I was in a Walmart parking lot and not at the side of the road somewhere off the beaten path.  I have been having problems with my rig as it keeps acting like it was running out of gas.  I had the fuel filter replaced, then the fuel pump and it would run fine for a while and then poop out.

I called Coach-Net and asked them to tow it to the nearest Ford dealer.  There is one located about 2 miles down the road but they told me that they would not be able to work on it right away and had me towed to Dallas about 33 miles away.  The tow company had to get my rig there by 6:00 and we had not left McKinney until after 5:00.  So I am riding in the tow truck pulling my rig, sailing down the road about 70 mph.  I don’t even drive that fast myself.  What an experience!!!!!

I dropped it off at the dealer but had to find a motel as I could not sleep in their lot.  Even if I could it was way too hot (103) so the dealer dropped me off at a Motel 6 where I spent 2 glorious nights.

I called the dealer early the next morning to check in on the fate of my rig.  Seems that it was a fuel problem and it was due to a defective intake fuel pump that is located within the fuel tank.  Since my rig is a 1991, Ford no longer manufactured the part.  The mechanic said they were checking around and they thought they had located someone who had the part.  No such luck!!  They called me the next day to inform me that the part they were sent does not fit the tanks of RVs.  They suggested I go online and try to locate it.  I found one and was having it shipped out next day delivery.  However, since it was Friday noon the part would actually ship on Monday and they would receive it on Tuesday.

I was in the Motel 6 from Wednesday through Friday.  I didn’t really want to venture very far hoping that the repairs would be accomplished quickly and I could move on down the road.  By that time I really had cabin fever bad.  It is funny that the room I was staying in at the Motel 6 was larger than my rig but the walls seemed like they were closing in on my.  I really appreciate my rig even more now.  I haven’t really experienced cabin fever even though I have been cooped up in my rig for the last 6 weeks due to the 100+ temperatures and high humidity.

My son and his wife live in Fort Worth so I called him and he saved me from another night at the Motel 6.  HOORAY!!!!!  Thanks Curt and Jackie for saving my sanity.  I will be staying with them until my rig is repaired and ready to go.  I am hoping that I will be back on the road either Tuesday or Wednesday and head over to the Lake Arrowhead State Park at Wichita Falls, TX.  I will be so happy that I am final getting this lingering problem fixed and not have it to worry about.

7 thoughts on “Short Stop-Over In Dallas

  1. Sure hope the rig is fixed and is as good as new soon. Motel 6 may be okay for a night but I’d rather be in my Lazy Daze any day! Good thing you have family nearby that you can stay with. Good luck.

  2. Jim, friends had the same story wit their 1991 Mod. FORD 350 Camper. It simply died on the road, then after a stop it would start again, then dy again a.s.o. Glad you got that thing repaired while staying with your son. It pays off to have family spread around the country! Thanks for your congrats to the “mile marker” in my blog. It is just so much fun to do.

  3. If my rig quits on me, I hope it is in a Wally World parking lot. I could live in there indefinitely.
    I stayed in the Motel 6 in Flagstaff last summer. It had been completely remodeled and I could
    barely fit in the shower. Fortunately, there was a Walmart right across the street! True story.

  4. Jim, you should head on out to Oregon….we’ve got sunshine now!! It’s not nearly as hot as it’s been there in Texas. Glad to hear you located the part you needed and it will be in place soon. It will be really nice to be back in the rig and comfortable again. Sure know what you’re saying about “cabin fever” in the motel. We’re much happier when we’re on the road in our Lazy Daze.

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