Fish And Visitors……


Fish and visitors smell in three days.

Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1736

I have moved from my son’s home in Fort Worth to an InTown Suite in Dallas.  I could have stayed longer at his home but there is an old saying that goes “Fish and visitors smell in 3 days”…  I decided since my repair pump had been shipped I would like to be near where my rig was being repaired.  Right now I am only about 2 miles from the dealer.

I am in an InTown Suite that does come with a refrigerator and microwave.  Much bigger then my Lazy Daze home onb wheels, but a whole lot less confortable.  After I checked in my son drove me to a Walmart where I was able to pick up some TV dinners (delicious – not), fruit and of course some Corona’s.  I can’t wait to get my rig back and get out of here!

All right, great cable TV…Even “Breaking Bad”

At least I have great cable tv.  I watched a movie (Me and Me Only – not bad) and also got in part of a football game here and there.  But I am really looking forward to my favorite TV series that I rarely get a chance to see.  It is “Breaking Bad”, a crazy series about a high school science teacher who is diagnosed with incurable cancer who decides to manufacture meth to suport his family after he dies.  It is on my most favorite list but I rarely get a chance to see.

I didn’t realize it, but the term ‘breaking bad’ is a southern colloquialism and it means when someone who has taken a turn off the path of the straight and narrow, when they’ve gone wrong.  I got this from Wikipedia.

Tonight I will be able to watch the latest episode in Season 4.  I also saw a previous episode last month, but have a lot of catching up to do.

8 thoughts on “Fish And Visitors……

  1. Hi Jim –
    Seems sometimes we have to be deprived of something, before we truly appreciate and value it.

    You may know already; your series is on NetFlix (

    The comment says that InstaVue will be available soon.

    Sounds like you’re heading to Balloon Fiesta also. We’ll be caravaning with about 18 other LazyDaze;
    actually after a 5 day Caravan Gathering in Tehachapi. Look forward to seeing you soon! Safe Journey!

  2. Are you on the road? I return to work tomorrow, but my heart is not in it. The past three weeks have brought me down. Well, my vehicle does run.

  3. Jim, it is season 4 and why would you watch a show out of sequence are you crazy? 🙂 Whatever you do don’t tell us about since we will have to wait till it comes out on DVD.

  4. Hi Jim glad to see you will soon be moving again. Tom and I are just outside of Sturgis, SD after spending a great week in Gillette, WY attending the 51st Escapade. We are not attending a VCR training campout. The back east to home for two months. I am scheduled to have my second knee (right) replaced on Sept. 27 at the Anne Arundel Medical Hospital in Annapolis. Then home to recop. That is the worst part of it. Hope to see you maybe in the desert next winter. We are scheduled to go with Chapter 8 “Mexican Connection” to Mexico this winter. Meeting up at the Cactus Organ National Park I think it is Feb. 8. Then off to Mexico we go. You may like to do this trip with them also. Check out their website Birds of a Feather (BOF) Chapter 8 Mexican Connection.

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