Sugarite Canyon State Park

No sugar in Sugarite…

My next stop would be Sugarite Canyon State Park just north of Raton, NM on the Colorado/ New Mexico border..  There is only one campground up there and the area was hit hard by the fires this past summer.  I did venture a couple of miles up the road to another area where they were building another campground, but it was full of heavy equipment and no one was allowed up there.  I was able to sneak in since the crew had all gone to lunch.   Then I traveled further north to beautiful Lake Dorothey, right on the New Mexico/ Colorado boarder.  I took a few pics there before venturing back to the campground where I would look for a site.

There were lots of electric/water sites available but only one developed site left which I took.  The camp hosts have been hosts for the past eleven years and I had a great conversation with them.  This is a pic of the sun rising over the mountains across from my campsite.

Fire swept through here…

I was disappointed that there were not more hiking trails available, but they had been closed due to the fire. The camp host said they were very lucky that they did not lose the campgrounds during the fires.  You could see where it came right down to the campsite and jumped completely over it and continued across the road.  I decided to stay only one night and then venture on to Cimarron Canyon State Park the following day.  I had several stops along the way so got an early start.  This is a view of the beautiful surrounding countryside while parked across from the visitors center.

If only I had a fishing license…

I spoke with one old codger (like me) who told me all about the great fishing in the area.  He mentioned that he had caught several 12” trout out of Lake Dorothy the day before and was going back for more.  I wish I had a fishing license, but since I was only staying in New Mexico for a short time I couldn’t see spending the money for one.  Besides I really need a bit more equipment, which I cannot afford at this time.  That is one of my goals next year.  But it was fun talking to those who have had great fish stories to tell.  I only spent one night at Sugarite Canyon.  It is a wonderful place and I would like to return when I can spend more time hiking and fishing.

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