Eagle Nest Lake State Park

Eagle Nest Lake SP


It was only 38 miles to my next destination at Eagle Nest Lake State Park.  This is a pic of Eagle Nest prior to ascending the mountain.

Eagle Nest is a small town with no stop lights.  The people are very friendly there.

I then settled in at Eagle Nest Lake State Park.  As in Cimarron Canyon there were no hook-ups at this park.  There were many spots available when I came in so I had my choice.  All the sites have a wonderful view of the lake and surrounding mountains.  It is very open there with no trees.  Here is a pic of the town from my campsite.

Lots of big beautiful clouds

The clouds overhead were really big and beautiful. A storm came thru and rained on my parade the first night I was there.  I was forced to cook inside rather than on my barbeque.  But it was so nice hearing the rain drops on my roof.

Here are a couple of pics of the sunset.  How awesome is that.

Over the weekend there were a lot of fishermen with all kinds of boats.  This looked like a great fishing spot.  I really liked this pic of the fishermen in their boat on the lake. 

I stayed at Eagle Nest Lake SP for 3 nights and then decided to move higher up into the mountains at Coyote Creek State Park.  It will only be a short drive to get there.  I am really saving on gas so far as I filled up when I left Sugarite and have more the 1/2 full still.  I REALLY LIKE THAT!!!

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