Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Lazy Daze at the 40th Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

There were 35 Lazy Daze rigs that all got together at the Balloon Fiesta.  The SW Lazy Daze group had 14 rigs that caravanned from the Caravan Group.  Here is Linda Leach, our group leader, greeting Jack and Jenette Walker of the Caravan Group.

That afternoon at 4:30 we had cocktail hour and everyone brought something.  It was a regular feast.

My annual maintenance

Then next day Mike and Lisa Sylvester (The RVGuy) performed my annual appliance maintenance on my rig.  I have had it done each time I have been at the Balloon Fiesta.  I also had Mike replace the motor in my furnace as it was getting very noisy.  They are very good at what they do and know all about the Lazy Daze RV’s.  They were kept very busy by our group.

Good Friends

My good friends Terry and Karen Reitz were crew members for the pink pig balloon this year and got these great t-shirts.  They were really cool!

More Food

The following evening we had “Heavy Finger Foods”.  It was delicious and again a good turn out.

Again everyone scarfed it down and nothing was left.

Lots of Balloons!

But we all came here for not only GREAT FRIENDSHIPS and DELICIOUS FOOD but to see the balloons.  This is my 2nd year at the Balloon Fiesta and I took a ton of pics last year but couldn’t resist taking more this year.

Darth Vader patrolling the sky.

Hear no evil, see no evil and smell no evil!

It was a great start for the Balloon Fiesta.  It was fun meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones as well.  The food was delicious and the weather was perfect.  This week should be a great time!

9 thoughts on “Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

  1. Boy this posting makes me smile right from m recliner in the living room. Wishing I was there to share in the fun, but instead I am recooperating from my second knee replacement that I had a week ago today.

    Please tell everyone Tom and I say hi and hope to see them all next year. Is Steve and Gigs there this year?

    • I remember being parked next to you & Tom last year. Sorry to here about your knee surgery and hope the recovery is going well.
      Yes Steve & Jigs are here again this year. I will say hi to everyone for you.

  2. I want to go to the balloon festival!!! We were planning to this year but family things came up. What campground do you stay at? Do you like it? Did you have to make reservations way in advance?

    • We are all dry camping in the area directly across from the balloon launching area. We are in the 3rd & 4th rows where the Lazy Daze group has been for years & having a great time!

  3. Hi Jim,
    We’re in Gallup (USARV); all dumped and reloaded for tomorrow.
    What a great week together in LD Village!!
    A word to clarify – the 14 rigs from CA were from the Caravan Group,
    not SW. And by chance, your picture is of our 30′ Teal approaching Linda.

    Be Safe… JACK

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