Exciting Final Days of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Bad weather finally turned good!

We  got some unexpected bad weather this week that really put a damper on flying the balloons.  I had gotten up early on Tuesday and enjoyed the balloons lifting off from the field across from the RV’s which I mentioned in my last blog post.  However the balloons did not fly from then until Saturday morning.  We had a lot of rain and high winds that prevented them from taking off.  Saturday was very cold and there was even snow on the Sandia Mountains as you can see from this pic.

New World Record!

Saturday morning there were 384 balloons that ascended in one hour.  That is a new world’s record.  It is amazing.  That takes a lot of work both for the balloon pilots and the zebras (balloon referees).  It is a huge accomplishment.

I love the Glowdeo!!

Saturday night was the last Glowdeo of the fiesta.  So I had to go.  It was also one of the busiest nights of the entire fiesta.  There were people everywhere. Once it got dark many people seemed to migrate onto the field where the balloons are tethered.  It was a madhouse out there, but something I would never miss.  When the balloons started glowing it was just like I was a kid again.

Sunday morning – Looks like a close landing…

Sunday was the final day and the mass acension was fabulous.  There were balloons everywhere in the sky.  Then all of a sudden the Phillips 66 balloon started to descend very close to where we were standing.  My rig (The Breeze) was right in front of us and the balloon started coming down closer and closer to The Breeze.  Check out these pics.

Landed right in front of The Breeze!

Then it landed in the road right in front of The Breeze.  It was so thrilling and everyone was so excited.  The chase crew was right there to help with the descent.  They started to bring the balloon down right in the area to the left of The Breeze.  I couldn’t believe it.  Then the balloon actually came down right on top of The Breeze.  Can you believe it?

I couldn’t believe it.  Everyone in our group was very excited.  I could never have even imagined this no matter how hard I tried.

Our Lazy Daze group helps out Phillips 66

Everyone started to help out the Phillips 66 crew.  The balloon had to be rolled up and stuffed into a huge bag.  Here is a picture of everyone lending a hand.

Annie helped stuff the balloon in the bag…

Annie even did her part by helping to stuff the balloon in the bag.  Great job Annie!

This was the greatest ending to a wonderful balloon fiesta.  Everyone had a super good time.  Thanks go out to John and Linda for making this such a fun time.  Now the talk is about meeting at Quartzsite this January.  Roger Nickey is organizing our get together and many people are already planning on attending.  Check out the lifewithalazydazerv yahoo group for more details.

12 thoughts on “Exciting Final Days of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

  1. Now how are you going to explain that to your insurance company, Jim? Not many people can claim to have a balloon land on them. Great pictures. Would really love to be there someday. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Your photos are wonderful. You captured the snow beautifully! It was fun to see the Balloon Fiesta from someone else’s perspective. Yours is a good one! Linda and Carole

  3. Jim – Your vivid words amplified those pictures, making me feel like we had been there.
    Ya’ll rightfully deserved such a finale, after the days of cold, wind, and rain…. truly
    an august ending to the 40th Balloon Fiesta – make possible by Linda/john’s
    planning plus lots of good spirited cooperation by one and all.
    We’re in our 3rd day at North Rim – truly an adventure NOT to be missed.
    We’re heading this morning to Zion.
    NOW… until “Q” when LDs gather in the desert. Travel Safe!

  4. Just like you were a kid again? Hmmm.
    Great photos of the balloons and the evening shot was spectacular.
    Loved the photo of the snow on the mountains. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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