2 Down and 5 To Go!!

Two weeks on the job already!

It doesn’t seem possible but I have been on the job at Amazon for 2 weeks now.  The first week everyone worked 8 hours per day.  My shift is Sunday thru Wednesday.  After all the orientation and training, they put us on a line and we were packing one item per box.  By the end of the week I was getting aclamated to the job and where to go in the building.  I put in a total of 33 hours.

The second week I was on 10 hour days for 4 days.  Those two extra hours seem to drag if it is not busy.  Although if we are kept very busy it went by quickly.  They are already asking us for overtime, but at this point it is only voluntary.

Three days off…hurray!

I look forward to the three days off.  The first day I just seem to vegatate and try to get all the aches out of the body.  The second day I washed clothes and tidied up.  The third day I went over to Rick and Tina’s rig to verify that I could ride with them.  After that, I stopped by Steve’s rig to let him know I had found a new ride.  He invited me in and we watched some football.

Now instead of starting work at 9:00am I was starting at 7:00am and getting off at 5:30pm.  It seems like a long day but I am getting used to it.

Ice cold in Fernley

The temperatures having been getting down in the teens at night and there was even snow on the foothills.  Also the windshields have ice on them and have to be scrapped.  I keep my Wave 3 catalytic heater going all night.  I purchased a carbon monoxide alarm to wake me if the levels get too high.  The catalytic heaters produce carbon monoxide so you have to keep the rig vented to let in some additional oxygen.  I usually leave the back overhead vent opened slightly and that has been working quite well.  I also keep the furnace set at about 55 degrees to take the chill out of the air.

Warm as toast

When I was in Mexico last October I found a really thick handmade blanket that I keep on top of my Travasak.  I am very toasty at night.  The only probably is when nature calls and I have to get out of bed.  Then I have to warm it up all over again, but it only takes a minute or two.

Located new doctor

I had to locate a new doctor to prescibe my medication, since I am no longer with Kaiser.  I was able to locate a urgent care clinic that was able to accomplish everything for me.  They were very easy to deal with and sent my prescription to Walmart where I was able to pick it up.  I now have Medicare D (Drugs) through AARP.  Although I save a lot of money it is about twice as expensive over Kaiser.  At least I have the satisfaction that I can go to any doctor I need to and the cost for that is $0 thanks to my Medicare Supplement.

Employee discounts are always nice…

Well I don’t really have a lot to say now that I am working.  My life has become very boring, now that I am not traveling for a while.  I may not blog as much, but I will try to post every now and then.  I also don’t have any pictures to post, but that may change as I ordered a new Nicon Coolpix S9100 camera from Amazon as well as a Kindle Fire tablet.  I should be receiving these in about a week.  My Amazon discount is burning a hole in my pocket.  I really needed a new camera as the lens of my old one would not detract when I powered it off.  I had it over 6 years so got lots of good use out of it.  Talk to you later.

18 thoughts on “2 Down and 5 To Go!!

  1. HI Jim,
    Nice to hear how it’s going for you. Maybe you’ll be packing up my Kindle Fire for me. I’m in Deming, NM right now. 🙂 Andrea

      • How do you like your Fire? I’m a bit disappointed with the weight and the shiny glare from the screen. I have watched two documentaries from the free Prime site although connections haven’t always been accommodating.

  2. Thanks for the update Jim. I’ve heard that as the Christmas shopping kicks in you will be very busy and likely doing overtime. Hard work but will fatten the wallet over a short period. Take care of yourself. BTW I did a post about heating the rig on my blog and included a link to your post about the Pelonis. Hope it brings you some viewers. Take care!

  3. Hi Jim:
    Well, I had to check out the Kindle Fire on the internet. I will have to chat with you about it so see why you purchased it as I thought you had a Kindle?
    I’m on mandatory overtime now and yes, the wallet pad is great. Especially with the shopping I just did tonight on clothes. 🙂
    Catch you later.

  4. Hope you like that camera. We are still trying to learn all the different settings but it seems to take good pictures. Definitely helps to read the manual.
    Too bad Amazon doesn’t have any warehouses in a warmer climate!

    • They do have a warehouse in Arizona but don’t hire any seasonal workers there. Maybe next year. That would be the ideal place.

  5. Where in Arizona does Amazon have a distribution center?
    I’m trying to get hired on for seasonal work with Target here in Tucson.
    If you didn’t see my answer to your question on my blog, I didn’t have
    any bear repellent at the time.

    • Gary,

      Not sure where they are located, but I know they ship all the big stuff out of there. Things like tables, chairs, bikes and sofas.

  6. Jim,
    Which AARP program are you with, that has part D?
    I am needing to change my healthcare, but want something that allows me to see doctors anywhere I go, and also provides part D.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip.
    I’ve sold my home, adn bought another in the same park to use as a base. Will be getting a rig this Dec or Jan [note the positive thought 🙂 ] Will also be going to BootCamp in Feb.
    Will be seeing you on the road.

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