Wishing all a Merry Christmas!!!

Work at Amazon finished!!!

I completed my workamping for Amazon on Wednesday 12/21.  We all gathered for a meeting with the GM of the fulfillment center and were told that he very much appreciated all our efforts in making Amazon’s peak season a success.  We were all asked to return next year and many of us have already made reservations with Desert Rose RV Park to return.

Dead battery!

Yesterday I had made plans for a follow-up Dr. appointment and also to meet a future fulltimer for lunch.  I got everything organized to travel to Reno and turned on my key.  NOTHING!!!  No noise came from my engine.  Not even the click of the starter.  I had started it about 2 weeks previous to this but it was a bit slow in starting.  I had hoped the drive to Reno at that time would charge it enough.

I immediately called Coach-Net (my emergency road-side service).  They had a truck out to my campsite within 45 minutes.  The driver hooked up the jumper cables to my battery and we waited a bit and then I tried to start it.  This time all I got was the clicking of the starter trying to start it.  We waited for some time and I tried to start it again.  NO LUCK!!!  My neighbor, Steve came over to see what was going on.  I explained to him that I was going to need a new battery.  He graciously offered to drive me into town to pick one up.  I removed my old battery and loaded it into his truck and off we went.  $110 later I got a brand spanking new battery and installed it into my RV.  It started up in a second.

New battery

Although I hated spending the money I was glad I finally did get a new battery.  I had purchased 2 new Trojan batteries in June, 2010, but wasn’t sure about the starting battery.

Since it took most of the day to take care of the battery I had to contact the guy I was meeting fort lunch and also postpone my Dr appointment.  I will probably take care of both after 12/29.  I am just glad I took care of this now rather than finding out the day I was to drive to Reno to catch a flight to Southern CA.  That would have been disastrous.

Freezing cold in Fernley

The weather here has really turned cold.  The night of the 21st it got down to 7 and last night down to 4.  I can’t wait to get into a warmer climate.  I am nice and cozy in my rig but it still gets a little chilly at night.  I will leave Fernley on Sat 12/24 and drive to Reno where I can park my rig and take a shuttle to the airport.

I will be returning on the 29th and will probably stay in a RV park for the night and then head south to warmer temps.  Today I will gas up and get everything ready to go for an early departure tomorrow morning.

I would like to wish all my faithful readers a very Merry Christmas.  I hope Santa is good to all of you and you get all the RV gadgets you have been hoping for. HA!

12 thoughts on “Wishing all a Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Happy Holidays! Glad your battery problem was solved ahead of time to avert disaster. I see warm weather in your future. :))


  2. Tucson has been freezing here at night also, and during the day has been getting into the 50’s and 60’s. This is really an unusual year.

  3. Glad you survived your Amazon experience. Guess it wasn’t too bad since you signed up for next year. Have a good trip home for Christmas and head south fast!

  4. Glad your Amazon worked out well for you.
    Warm weather awaits you here in SoCal.
    Today will be in the 70s and bright sunshine.

    Look forward seeing you @ Q-site with the LDers.



    • I’m having the same battery problem Jim. I’m sure I have a bad battery, bad cell, something.

      Congrats on making it to the end of the job at Amazon. Sounded like hard work, but very rewarding, which is what is important. The cold is something I dread. I’s been getting down to the high 20’s here and a couple of storms dumped snow on the surrounding mountains. My son saved me by giving me a oil-filled radiator heater. It’s amazing – exactly what I needed.

      New Years’Day is pretty much just a day to watch another bowl game. I haven’t stayed up past 9 o’clock on NY’s eve in many years.

      I’m waiting for my tax return to move up to Apache Junction. There are several places up there that are just a few miles from my sister’s and my son’s. I should my refund deposited in my checking account right around the end of January – like last year. I LOVE E-filing!!!

  5. Hello, Jeff here. I met you there one day when I was talking to Dave and Jodi who were across the street from your Rig. I was up front along the wall just a few down from the propane station.

    We are in Yuma and were very happy to get to some warmer weather.


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