Made it to Quartzsite

Landed in Quartzsite 

I landed in Quartzsite late on 1/4.  It was very dark, but with the aid of my GPS I was able to locate 534 and saw Roger waving his flashlight.  Found a spot and was greeted by everyone.  I got set up and then sat around the campfire with several old friends.  I didn’t get completely comfortable in that spot as I had to go in the morning to register, dump my tanks and fill up with water.

Signed up for Season Pass

The next morning I went to the office and signed up with a seasonal pass.  It cost me $180 but is good at many LTVA’s in both Arizona and California until April 15.  I figure it was money well spent.  The alternative was to purchase a 14 day pass for $40 which I would have to renew twice for another $40.  I am planning on staying here into Feb.  The RV Show starts 1/20 and goes on to 1/29 so there will be plenty to do and lots to see.

My next stop was the dump station.  Last year when I was here I had to wait in the dump station line for at least an hour because it was so busy.  Of course it was right at the time of the RV Show and there were many more rigs.  This year I drove right up to the dump station without a wait.  Then proceeded further to take on water.

What a Small World

I was almost finished filling up with water when I saw this guy come walking over to me who seemed to know who I was.  He called out my name and as soon as he did I called out “Peter” to him.  Peter and Chuck and I had worked on a small outhouse on Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch back in March 2011.  You can see that blog at  Peter invited me to follow him back to his campsite and say hi to his lovely wife Bea and to also see Molly his great dog.  Peter and Bea live on Campobello Island in Canada during the summer and travel the American Southwest in the winter.  Their blog is so be sure to check it out and say hello.

Peter also introduced me to some of the friends they are camping with.

It was a kick meeting everyone and to think I haven’t even been in Quartzsite one full day.

Back to our camp

This is the road leading to our campsite.  It is the Old Yuma Road that also will lead us to the big tent housing the RV Show.

 Once I got situated with everything I picked this spot to call home for a month or so.

This is where our group meets for every day for “Happy Hour”.  Roger supplied the awning.  We all have a great time!!!

Off on a hike

The next day a few of us took a hike to the post office.

Right across from the post office is a great open air produce market that sells fruits and vegetables.  A few bought some great stuff there.  On the way back we stopped at the Tyson Wells vendor area where they have TONS of STUFF.  I didn’t buy anything but just looked around.

Look us up for a good time

It sure is great finally getting to Quartzsite and spend time with both old and new friends.  There will be many people coming and going all month-long and our group will surely grow by the time the RV Show starts.  If you are in the area don’t be shy but please come by and see us.  We are a very friendly group and always like to meet new people.  Just let me know and I will be glad to furnish you with instructions.

8 thoughts on “Made it to Quartzsite

  1. Hey Jim, wouldn’t $120 been cheaper? I mean I don’t have a calculator handy but just sayin… Tell everyone hi for us.


    • Your right if I was just going to stay in Q for a few weeks. But I also intend on using it at Imperial Dam and five other LTVA’s in CA. From now until 4/15 I shouldn’t have to pay anything,

      I will say hi to all from you.

  2. Let the suffering begin!
    Good that you met old friends and made new ones. That has to be part of the pleasure of RV life.
    You’ve worked very hard and now you can play hard! I know you do that well. Coincidentally Randy is on the weekend trip with me and others and mentioned how much he misses skiing with you.
    Enjoy my friend. o:)

  3. Hi Jim,
    hope you did not get stuck in the wash! I was so embarrassed when I later drove the same way out of the area and had to go through that hole! SORRY – I didn’t know it was there, just saw a big 5th-wheel coming in from there. Must have taken a different track. Bea

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