Quartzsite Car Show

Classic Car Show

On our hike down to the produce store Ann, Jerry and I stopped in the big tent for the Annual Classic Car Show.  There were still many vendors left over from the RV Show that were located in the center of the tent.  On either end of the tent they had many classic cars on display.  They were all shined up and looking good.



Tear Drops and smaller rigs

They even had Tear Drops  and small trailers that were towed behind some classy trucks.  They were really fixed up nicely.  It reminds me of the time I was at camped at Camp Sherman in Oregon and was invaded by a “Sisters on the Fly” club.  Some of those gals had small travel trailers, Casitas and Tear Drop trailers as well.  You can see that post at Moving on to Camp Sherman.  It was great fun seeing all the different types of rigs people own.


Finally this one was a small trailer that was nicely decorated and very comfy.  Nothing I would want to live in fulltime though, but it sure would be nice for weekend jaunts.


Beautiful Arizona Sunset

After hiking back to out campground we had a small get-together for “Happy Hour” and I got this pic of another beautiful sunset.




3 thoughts on “Quartzsite Car Show

  1. Hi Jimbo. Nice to see your post again. Thourghly enjoyed the pictures. Really nice. Hope you are doing well. Come Spring I am planning on getting out of here(Ky) and heading west. Who knows? maybe someday we”ll get a chance to meet. My favorite saying is its a small world….Take care my friend….HoboJoe

  2. Cool looking cars. That one trailer with the 50s look reminds me of the “Long Long Trailer”…one of my favorite movies. I have to go back and read your Camp Sherman post. Haven’t been there in forever and I really love it. Years ago, we had a trailer parked at Cold Springs Resort (right on the river) for a couple of years. We very much enjoy that area.

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