Breaking Camp and on to Imperial Dam

Last one in our camp

I am the last rig in Roger’s Half Acre in Quartzsite.  I took these pics showing how bare it is once everyone left.  I stood at the very ends of the encampment where the furthest rigs were standing.

Will the last rig out of Rodger’s Half Acre please remove the flag?

I stopped at Old Yuma Road and removed the flag.  I will be giving it back to Rodger at the 2012 Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM.

On to Imperial Dam

I then drove south to Yuma, AZ did some shopping at Walmart and then headed out to the Imperial Dam LTVA.  My annual pass is good there also so it will not cost anything to stay.   Andrea had written that she was staying at Hurricane Ridge and there was lots of room there.  I entered Hurricane Ridge in my GPS and it took me right there.

When I arrived I parked right next to her rig, but noticed that her car was gone.  I went across the road and was checking out the Senator’s Wash when I spotted An and Jerry’s rig with Andrea’s car parked next to it.  I then walked down and joined them just in time for Happy Hour.  There are thousands of rigs parked out here in the desert and I was able to find them without any trouble.  It’s a small world, isn’t it?

Hike to Squaw Lake

I set up camp and the next day we all went on a hike down to Squaw Lake about a mile down the road.

First we passed Senator’s Wash.

Then on to Squaw Lake where I am planning on launching my kayak later in the week.

Longer hike around Senator’s Wash

The following day Ann, Jerry and I had planned a longer hike that went all around Senator’s Wash.  It was about 8-10 miles.  Not really sure since I forgot to set my Android Runkeeper App to calculate the entire distance.  Here are some pics from this hike.  I got a pic of a Blue Heron at the water’s edge.

Next are some pics taken around Senator’s Wash.

It was a perfect day for a hike. The wind was blowing a bit but now too much and then temps were in the low 80’s making a perfect day. I drove with Andrea down to Ann and Jerry’s rig and had a fun Happy Hour enjoying all the wonderful scenery. After dinner I went down to the campfire they have every night at Hurricane Ridge and enjoyed sharing tall tales with everyone else.

11 thoughts on “Breaking Camp and on to Imperial Dam

  1. Hi Jimbo, Great blog as usual. When is the Ballon festival in Deming NM? They have one here in Bowling Green,Ky which is really nice. Thye also have the Corvette plant and Museum here in bowling Green,Ky. Both good places to explore and mammoth Cave is not to far down the road from here…Anyway Happy you made it to NM safely….HoboJoe

    • Hobojoe,

      The balloon fiesta I am referring to takes place in Albuquerque, NM. I am presently outside of Yuma, AZ.

      I would really love to get down your way and visit the Corvette Museum.


  2. Great blog Jim! Always fun to see what’s happening in your world. Sounds like Quartzite was another grand reunion of LD folks. We hope to make it there next year and get out of rainy Seattle for a few weeks in the winter. Keep the fun reports coming!
    Marti and Charlie

    • I really like the pictures. The only thing I don’t like is that there us no viewfinder. It can be difficult in the bright sunlight. So far so good.

  3. I just don’t know how you put up with so much misery,Jim.
    Mammoth is gorgeous and we had a wonderful day of skiing. I even worked in some shopping. Randy and Mary Ann were no shows.

  4. Hi Jim,
    No one better to take the flag than you, my friend!
    We thoroughly enjoyed Roger’s Half Acre and definitely
    look forward to ABQ with the gang.

    Good to see Marti/Charlie and JimGayle’s comments;
    keeping in touch is great.

    From Qsite, we headed up the Colorado w/our big rig
    friends. 1 night in Lake Havasu then to Ft. Mojave.
    Enroute, their awning blew loose on I-40, then later,
    their Jeep tow bar broke, as from behind, we watched
    it periously wig-wag side-to-side before he could pull
    over into a barren desolate area.

    The front attach bracket on Jeep frame had snapped
    clean in two. We finally got the awning “captured”
    and snugged with bungie cords, and together
    we limped into Ft. Mojave.

    Not to be detracted by a couple of hinderances,
    next day, Saturday, we boarded the Jeep to
    OATMAN for their Annual Bed Race Celebration.
    What an experience!! A great place to visit on weekends.

    Friends rented U-Haul dollie, we loaded the Jeep and
    they headed back to Yorba Linda. We moved to Riverside
    RV across from Laughlin for 5 days; then headed west
    to Mojave and finally Dinuba. We’ve been part of
    a volunteer group that packed 900,000+ servings
    of concentrated soup into 1 qt zipbags; that will be
    shippped next week to key feedings areas in USA
    and overseas.

    We finished yesterday afternoon and came into Dinuba,
    where G’s RV had ordered overnite a Revolution water
    pump and installed it last evening.
    This morning, we’re at MacDonalds for Wifi and bkfst,
    then heading up into Sequoias for a few days.

    Say big HELLO to Jerry/Ann, Andrea and other LDers.

    Jack & Jeannette

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