Wine and Whales Tour – Day 5 Ensenada to Adobe Guadalupe

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If you received an email with a post only showing a few pictures that is because I hit the publish button by mistake when I was creating this blog.  I am still getting used to my Mac Pro and things are a little bit different the Windows 7.  But that is no excuse for just hitting the wrong key.

What a beautiful valley!

We awoke to a beautiful morning so I took a hike up the hill to get some pictures of the winery and surrounding valley.  What a super view.

Cows heading out to pasture.

A distant view of the small town.

My words could not properly describe the beauty of the San Bodegas Rafael Valley.  It is really something to see.

  Our rigs were all huddled close to the winery.  It had rained a day or two before and it was somewhat muddy.  But as you can see we all had plenty of room.

This is a good view of the grapes and mountains in the background.

Another shot of the valley.  When we were driving to get here we were in the mountains.  All of a sudden you come out of the mountains and see this breathtakingly beautiful valley.

They also had many other animals at the winery.  Lots of cows and sheep, pigs, and dogs.  This little piglet got out of it’s pen and when I approached it began running frantically to find the pen opening and return to its mother.

Here are the cows in the pasture.

Off to the beach at Ensenada for a short visit

We then took off to make a stop at the beach in Ensenada.  This is a view showing La Bufadora at the peak in the background.  It was rather chilly but several of us walked along the beach.

This will be our last winery…

We then all filled up with gas for our trip to Adobe Guadalupe.  The weather was perfect and we couldn’t ask for a better day.  Here we are traveling down the long dirt road thru town to the Adobe Guadalupe Winery.  It was very muddy so it took a while to traverse.

The Adobe Guadalupe Winery is owned by the Millers who retired to this beautiful place.  They are big horse lovers and built these giant stables to house their beautiful stallions.  When they retired they purchased this land and built a huge home as well.  They have turned it into a bed and breakfast as well as their private living quarters.  This is the stable that houses their beautiful stallions.  The mares are free to romp in the fields next to the house.

The following pic shows one of their beautiful stallions being led into the stable.

Of course they also have many acres of grapes as well as orange and olive trees.

This next pic shows one of the mares in the field next to the house.

Our last wine tour

Once we got settled in we walked over to the wine cellar for our wine tasting.

There we tasted some wonderful wines and could tour their wine cellar.

This next pic is of the wardrobe closet for Mrs. Millers riding apparel.

The following pics will show different views around the house.  It was very spacious.

This shows our typical Happy Hour which we had each day at 4:00.  Everybody chipped in with wine or goodies to eat.  This was always an enjoyable time of the day as we could reflect on the places we were so luck to experience.

We had a beautiful sunset that day!

Let us in!

I fixed a nice dinner and was doing some reading when I saw this at my door.

They both went away after a while.  Then when I was just settling down to go to sleep I heard scratching on my door.  I answered and it was one of the dogs.  I told him to go away but he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  I finally gave in and allowed him to enter my rig where he proceeded to plop down on my floor and decided he was going to spend the night there.  Here he is looking out my door wondering when I was going to come to bed so he could get some sleep.

He spent the entire night sound asleep in my rig.  HA!

11 thoughts on “Wine and Whales Tour – Day 5 Ensenada to Adobe Guadalupe

  1. How sweet that beautiful dog wanted to spend the night in your rig. The pics of the scenery is amazing and sounds like your trip was a huge success! So glad you had a great time.

    • Yes everything was arranged by Harvest Hosts. They did a fabulous job. All of the wineries we visited are in the Harvest Hosts system and anyone with a membership can visit these same wineries. The winery at Bodegas San Rafael is closed to the public, but is open to tour and wine taste by Harvest Hosts members.

  2. Beautiful scenery but I have to admit, a doggie picture and story will always get most of my attention!! What a nice fella to keep you company. Liked the piglet story too. What a wonderful adventure.

  3. Wow, what beautiful country! You took great pictures and you certainly have learned the Mac well. Kudos to you. I’m not surprised. You and your son both possess computer knowledge that seems innate. Pigs are pretty inteligent fellas, more so than dogs. Cute that you had acquaintances with both.

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