Wine and Whales Tour – Final Day

Breakfast at Adobe Guadalupe Inn and Winery

Our last day in Mexico was spent at Adobe Guadalupe Inn and Winery.  The weather was beautiful and an excellent day for driving back through the mountains.  We all went over to the house where we had a fantastic breakfast with Tru Miller.  She was a very gracious hostess.  We had lots of fresh fruit and could have either an omelet or Huevos Rancheros.  I chose Huevos Rancheros and it was delicious.

I have a couple of pics of the long table in the kitchen where we ate.  That is Tru Miller in the pic on the right with the great big smile.








A big surprise for everyone…

She told us all about how she and her husband happened to purchase the grounds and build their beautiful home and stables.  She also had a surprise for all of us.  About an hour before we sat down to breakfast one of her mares gave birth.  How exciting!!  At first she named the new baby girl Sophia, but she had to change the name to Maxmillian II since it turned out to be a male.  She then offered to let us all go out where the baby was  to catch a peek.  How cool is that.

We went out back and all the mares were motherly guarding the baby.

Mares were soooo friendly…

Here I am with two mares that were so friendly.  They trotted right over to say hi to me.








The newborn…

Here is the newborn standing up.  He was so beautiful!

Ready to head back to the USA

We then returned to our rigs and prepared them for the trip back across the border at Tecate and our return to the USA.  Don and Kim went over those items that we could not bring back into the US.  It was about 50 miles back to Tecate.  Then you have to go up a long hill to the border crossing.  Naturally there were many vendors along the way.

I finally made it to the top and went thru a check point where I showed them my passport and they took down my license plate number.  Then I had to proceed to the secondary check point area.  A customs inspector came out to my rig , asked me what I was carrying aboard.  I had to declare the wine I had purchased, but since I have Texas plates I was allowed to bring more then one bottle.

It took me about 2 1/2 hours to go thru customs.  The only thing they took out of my rig was 3 eggs.  Finally I was on the road.

Where am I going next

I was planning on heading up to Anza Borreggo but it was too late in the day.  Instead I checked the nearby campgrounds on my GPS and found two that I could stay at and both were LTVA’s (Long Term Visitor Area).  Since I had bought the annual pass in Quartzsite for the La Posa LTVA I could stay at either the Hot Springs LTVA or the Tamarisk LTVA.  The were very close to each other and a short distance from Holtville, CA.  I headed to the Hot Springs LTVA but the bridge was washed out so went to the Tamarisk LTVA instead.  There were only 5 other rigs including the host so it was fine with me.

Wine and Whales Tour Evaluation

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wishing to experience some of the beauty of Northern Baja.  Many of the people I talked to prior to signing up said not to go because Mexico was too dangerous.  Even our State Department discourages travel into Mexico.  I did not experience anything that could be remotely described as dangerous.  We visited some beautiful wineries and experienced the beauty of the Mexican countryside.  The people we came in contact with were extremely gracious and always made us feel at home.  Don and Kim are world travelers and have spent a great deal of time in Mexico.  The planning of the trip was impeccable.  Everything was taken care of for us including many of the parking spots to visit Ensenada and La Bufadora.

The meals included in the trip were to die for.  Plus the people that I met on the trip were so much fun.  This trip opened up my eyes to the real Mexico and the real Mexican people.  You can read more about it on the Harvest Host website which you can reach here.

Harvest Hosts Link

7 thoughts on “Wine and Whales Tour – Final Day

    • For me the highlight would have been seeing that newborn colt!! You did a great job of documenting your trip and reviewing the experience. Sounds like it would be a great way to go for a first trip into Mexico. Have fun on your continued journey back in the US of A.

  1. HiJimbo, Really great post on your blog. I enjoyed all of them. Sounds like a great adventure. Hope you are well. Stay warm my friend and throw another log on the fire….HoboJoe

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