Rainfall in the Desert

Rain predicted for 3 days

There were predictions that it would rain here from Saturday thru Monday.  However it looks like that has changed.  It rained off and on all day yesterday and it also rained hard last night and a bit this morning.  There are still big clouds in the sky but it looks like the rain is over.

Before the rain…

I took some pics during the last few days and thought they really illustrated the beauty of the desert.  This first pic shows the clouds rolling in over the mountains.

This was taken early in the morning just after sunrise.  It hadn’t started raining yet but it wasn’t going to be much longer.

Clouds starting to cover the mountains.

A beautiful morning sky.

Who took the mountains…

Where did the mountains go?  They are completely covered by the rain clouds.

After the rain…

The following pics were taken on Sunday afternoon.  There were still large rain clouds passing over the area, but it had pretty much stopped raining.

Not sure if we will get too much more rain.  But the rain sure makes some beautiful scenery out here in the desert.

10 thoughts on “Rainfall in the Desert

  1. I’m about 100 miles northwest of you and we were also supposed to get rain for 3-4 days (through tomorrow), but the sun has been shining today with mostly blue sky. It should be coming your way now.

  2. Where the heck are you Jim? You could’a kept this boy with some company, man. And the wind and the rain would’a been the same. Love the pic where the clouds have “eaten” the mountains.

  3. Nice pics Jimbo. We got rain all last night in Mesa and more today. I was so sick of the dry, dusty weather that the rain feels just wonderful. I like rain anyway (just not all the time).

  4. Now you have gone and done it, Jim. Those were the most beautiful pictures you have EVER taken. Absolutely breathtaking!

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