Big News!!!

Workamper News benefits…

As previously mentioned in another post, I enjoy staying in Anza Borrego because it gives me time to reflect on my future plans.  I have been a member of Workamper News even before I started fulltiming.  I felt if the right work opportunity came along I would take advantage of it.  Last winter it was Amazon in Fernley, NV where I was able to earn extra money to help pay for my travels.

To make a long story short, Workamper News has an online resume that you can fill out and send it to various employers.  One morning I sat down and completed the form and sent it out to nine different employers.  Within 10 minutes I received a call and he thought he had a position that I may be interested in.

I’ve got just what you are looking for

The position that he had was for a camp host in the Ochoco National Forest located in central Oregon.  It was a small campground with only 28 sites.  There were no hookups for any of the sites but they did supply water and sewer to the camp host.  They needed a camp host for the summer from May thru September.  But the big surprise was that it is a paid host position and I would be working for the Forestry Service.  Plus I will be paid extra by the State of Oregon for cleaning the rest stop about a mile from the campgrounds.  I told him I wanted to at least check it out and asked him to send me some links that I could look at.

Ochoco National Forest here I come…

Well after a few emails back and forth, I accepted the position.  So now I know what I will be doing this summer.  There is not a lot of information on the Internet but I was able to find this link

It is a beautiful spot and I am sure I will enjoy this job.

Some Anza Borrego photos…

I took this pic the last night I stayed in Anza Borrego.  I just love it out here.

Prior to leaving Anza Borrego I drove down to the Visitor’s Center to check out if any plants were blooming.  There were a few so I  took some pictures.  I don’t know the name of the plants but just thought they were really beautiful.

My time at Anza Borrego was very well spent.  Even though it rained a couple days and the wind blew I accomplished what I set out to do.  I got a bit more organized in my rig and figured out what I was going to do this summer.  Also made my resume online and was able to secure a great summer job  Not too shabby!

Now I am off to Southern California to visit family and friends.