Big News!!!

Workamper News benefits…

As previously mentioned in another post, I enjoy staying in Anza Borrego because it gives me time to reflect on my future plans.  I have been a member of Workamper News even before I started fulltiming.  I felt if the right work opportunity came along I would take advantage of it.  Last winter it was Amazon in Fernley, NV where I was able to earn extra money to help pay for my travels.

To make a long story short, Workamper News has an online resume that you can fill out and send it to various employers.  One morning I sat down and completed the form and sent it out to nine different employers.  Within 10 minutes I received a call and he thought he had a position that I may be interested in.

I’ve got just what you are looking for

The position that he had was for a camp host in the Ochoco National Forest located in central Oregon.  It was a small campground with only 28 sites.  There were no hookups for any of the sites but they did supply water and sewer to the camp host.  They needed a camp host for the summer from May thru September.  But the big surprise was that it is a paid host position and I would be working for the Forestry Service.  Plus I will be paid extra by the State of Oregon for cleaning the rest stop about a mile from the campgrounds.  I told him I wanted to at least check it out and asked him to send me some links that I could look at.

Ochoco National Forest here I come…

Well after a few emails back and forth, I accepted the position.  So now I know what I will be doing this summer.  There is not a lot of information on the Internet but I was able to find this link

It is a beautiful spot and I am sure I will enjoy this job.

Some Anza Borrego photos…

I took this pic the last night I stayed in Anza Borrego.  I just love it out here.

Prior to leaving Anza Borrego I drove down to the Visitor’s Center to check out if any plants were blooming.  There were a few so I  took some pictures.  I don’t know the name of the plants but just thought they were really beautiful.

My time at Anza Borrego was very well spent.  Even though it rained a couple days and the wind blew I accomplished what I set out to do.  I got a bit more organized in my rig and figured out what I was going to do this summer.  Also made my resume online and was able to secure a great summer job  Not too shabby!

Now I am off to Southern California to visit family and friends.


10 thoughts on “Big News!!!

  1. Congratulations! That sounds like a great position for you. It seems kinda primitive so am wondering how big on an RV can be accommodated – other than the host site. Couldn’t find the info on the web so maybe when you get there you could let your readers know. Will you be able to get any phone/internet signal?

    Enjoy So. Cali and your visit with family and friends.

  2. Congratulations and nice update! Nice photos, too.
    Anxious to read more about your summer position.

    Many Blessings!

  3. Hi Jim!
    That sounds like a nice setting. Hopefully they will provide you with a forest service truck so you can run to Prineville once/week for supplies. Will you have electric or just rely on solar? Hope the campsite doesn’t have too many trees to prevent much solar? Keep us posted! Maybe Charlie and I will get to that area this summer.

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