Oceanside to San Juan Capistrano via Amtrak

All Aboard…

I arrived in Oceanside on Wednesday and parked at the Elks lodge with water and electric.  They also have a dump station, laundry and workout room.  At $18 per night you can’t beat it.  On Thursday I walked about a mile to the train station and hopped on the northbound train to San Juan Capistrano.  I would be staying at my sister and brother-in-law’s home for a few days.  The train ride was very nice skirting along the coast.  I got to see many surfers just south of San Clemente (my old stomping grounds).  I took the following pics from the train as it was flying down the tracks.

Good ole San Clemente pier…

This is the San Clemente pier.  I used to love to walk down to it when I lived in San Clemente.  San Clemente is a great little coastal town.

Golf, lunch with Mom, birthday party and return to Oceanside

The following day we played golf (which I haven’t done for some time) and had a great time.  Saturday we picked up my mom and we all went out to lunch.  It sure was good to see her!  Sunday we celebrated my niece’s (and her boyfriend’s) birthday.  Then I was  going to get dropped off at the train station to return to Oceanside.  But it was pouring rain so they offered to drive me down to Oceanside the next morning since they were getting together for golf for a few days with friends in that area.

I will be staying at the Oceanside Elks for a few more days and then head back to Orange County for more family GTG’s.

10 thoughts on “Oceanside to San Juan Capistrano via Amtrak

  1. I was just in San Clemente this morning! Went down there to walk around since the trails I like to hike near where I’m staying (Tustin) were closed due to wet and muddy conditions. My first time walking around San Clemente. Neat little place.

  2. Elks club as lovely as it sounds? I’m still in Mesa but will be heading out towards NM at the end of the week. Glad you’re having fun with your family.

    • I forgot to mention that San Clemente is in California. Yes there is a rainbow over my RV. That picture was taken last year when I was also in Anza Borrego after it rained. I was also at almost the same spot this year and it also rained but I didn’t see the rainbow.

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