Oceanside, CA

Walking around Oceanside, CA

Yesterday I grabbed my camera and took off for a long walk around Oceanside, CA.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to go but I thought it would be fun to head down to the pier.  On the way I found several neat photo ops.  This is a beautiful church directly across from the civic center.

The library has a beautiful water pond where the ducks just love to bathe.









There is a tunnel that goes under the road that goes to the pier.  Lots of beautiful hotels along the coast here.








This shows the beach on either side of the pier.  Lots of sun bathers and surfers out.









The famous Oceanside Pier.  It has a Ruby’s restaurant at the end of it where you can dine.  Lots of people were out today and many people fishing from the pier.


Some shots of surfers.








The coastline went on and on.


More pics of surfers.








These pelicans were not afraid of people.  They were more interested in diving for food.








The seagulls were always looking for a handout.








This was a beautiful day to be out on the water.








More of the beach.

Here is the Amtrak station which I departed from the other day.

I really enjoyed my walk around Oceanside.  It is really a wonderful town.