The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields

I spent the weekend parked at the Mission Viejo Elks Lodge.  No hookups, but $5 per night sure was sweet.  My sister picked me up and spent the weekend at their home.  It was good seeing them again and we had a wonderful time just trying to catch up.

Sunday we drove down to Carlsbad to visit “The Flower Fields”.  The day was overcast but just perfect to see the flowers.  Not too hot.

At the entrance their are many beautiful displays.

Then there were acres and acres of flowering ranunculus.  Each plant was grown from a seed.

There was even a greenhouse full of cymbidium orchids.

At the far end of the field they had a huge American flag made out of flowers.

This was really something to see.  If you are in the area I would suggest going within the next couple of weeks and check out these beautiful fields.

7 thoughts on “The Flower Fields

  1. Jim I just came across your blog a couple of weeks ago. Way to go! I live in southern cal would like to meet. I am not rv’er yet but plan on in future. Would like to meet for coffee since I live in Socal Cypress area. ANyway as I prepare (a few years out) I am looking to join Elks. Do you know how I might do that?

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