Hiking with friends in O’Neill Park

Campground pics

Last night I got a few pics from my campsite of the mountains…

the rear of my campsite…

and the sunset…

Meeting up and hiking with friends

Today I went hiking with my friends Nancy and Brion whom I had met last January at Quartzsite.  I have been following Nancy’s blog Wish You Were Here! and she in turn follows my blog.  When she found out I was at O’Neill Park she emailed that it would be fun to meet up and do some hiking.  So today Nancy, Brion and myself decided to hike the Live Oak Trail located within the park.

It was a bit overcast but still a beautiful day nonetheless.  We hiked for about 3 miles total and got to a very high point in the park where you had a beautiful 360 degree view of the surrounding area……


Great scenery…

This is a view of the neighborhoods in Orange County.  Unfortunately we couldn’t see the ocean.  On a clear day you can see all the way to Catalina Island.


Here are some beautiful views of the Saddleback Mountains….


This is Coyote Canyon Trail which we took down to the park entrance…

A pic of Nancy and Brion…


And a pic of Nancy and yours truly…

I thought this was a neat tree pic with the mountains in the background…

After the hike Nancy treated us to lunch at Fuddruckers.  They have great hamburgers!!!  I hadn’t been there in many years but it was fun.  Thanks Nancy for the lunch and thanks to both you and Brion for a great day of hiking.

6 thoughts on “Hiking with friends in O’Neill Park

  1. Hiking in the mountains is great fun, especially when the weather is so nice as you had it. Our parents went hiking every year with us kids – in Switzerland. That’s how my brother and I got to love nature. It made a difference in our lives.

  2. We (kitty and me) had a bunch of very very windy days. Glad you could get together with your son. I just moved to Leasburg Dam. Several women from womengosolo yahoo group are meeting up next week. These are full timing women who connect through the yahoo group.

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