Head um up and move um out!

Back on the road

I left O’Neill Park about 10:00 this morning and finally got back on the road.The only bummer was having to drive the So CA freeways.  Lots of traffic and everyone is in a big hurry.  I finally got to 395 at Victorville and then it wasn’t too bad except for the big rigs that love to get right on your rear end.

Wind blowing like crazy

It was very windy once I hit 395 and the winds were mostly crosswinds.  It was not easy to drive in.  I was planning on driving to the Trona Pinnacles but decided against it because of the wind.  Instead I decided to stop at the same park I stopped at when I started fulltiming.  So I am at the El Solana RV Park in Inyokern, CA for the night.  The wind was really knocking my rig around and it was not fun driving.  I read online that there are actually wind alerts out until 9:00pm tonight with gusts blowing 45mph.  I am glad I stopped.  If the wind lets up tomorrow I will see about going to the Trona Pinnacles as planned.

It is hard to tell but the winds were really blowing.  This is almost the same spot I had when I was last here.  Not a bad park for $15 with my Passport America card.

4G back to 3G..

I was really getting spoiled with the 4G connection I had in So CA.  It is 3G here and takes about twice as long to upload a picture.  Back to the real world!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be coming to you from the Trona Pinnacles.

9 thoughts on “Head um up and move um out!

  1. Sure am glad you stopped and stayed put with those winds. We just don’t need to get any place bad enough to drive in the wind anymore. Hopefully, tomorrow is a much better day.

  2. We sure had alot of folks pull in here last night due to the high winds. I know how bad those winds can be on 395 across the desert. We are planning on heading south on 395 from Pendleton in the morning, weather permitting, but I don’t think we’ll make it down as far as you are… but, boy oh boy, Bishop is sure calling my name!!

  3. We’ve never been there at the Trona Pinnacles, so will look forward to seeing your photos, and hear what you think. We always enjoy Bishop and Lonepine, and try to get down that way as often as we can. Donna has many fond childhood memories of Bishop, and we love the sheepherder bread from Schatt’s Bakery. Stop and get some, and you’ll like it too, I bet!! Hope the winds die down. It’s no fun driving in weather like that. We did that in California late last year, and it was miserable!

    • I used to go to Mammoth skiing once a month in the winter with my ski club. We always used to stop at Schatt’s to pick up sandwiches for the ride home, so I know how great that bread is. I am looking forward to stopping there while in the area.

  4. Hey Jim,
    Time to stop for as long as necessary if you are fighting the wheel. This being retired business means we can take our time or not as we wish. Be Well and safe travels, ann and jerry

  5. Greetings Jim,
    We are surprised you made it that far up 395! We live in Ridgecrest (our LD is thankfully in her garage at the moment!) and the wind has managed to remove quite a few shingles from our roof today. If the wind lets up the Pinnacles should be great. If not…..it can be even windier there than here or Inyokern. Won’t be joining you, we’ll be on the roof. Happy travels!
    Lydia and Robin

  6. Winds sure are a tricky bit of business & I would say they are always our number one Nemesis while traveling in the Southwest anywhere…….

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