Trona Pinnacles

From mighty gusts to a gentle breeze

I woke up today to a gentle breeze so did some laundry, bought some groceries and gas and headed out to the Trona Pinnacles.  They are located about 20 miles east of Ridgecrest, CA off Hwy 178.  I turned down RM143, which is a washboard gravel road for about 5 1/2 miles before you get to the pinnacles.

Slow and bumpy…

Top speed on this road was 10mph with much of it traveling at only 5mph.  VERY BUMPY!!  Here are a couple of pics of the road with the pinnacles in the background.

A perfect campsite among the pinnacles…

I got out and decided to hike around to try a find the perfect campsite.  As I was hiking down a road through the pinnacles I happened to glance up and saw a truck parked among some of the pinnacles.  Later I saw that same truck pull out and leave so I hiked up to see if the rig would make it.  NO PROBLEMO!!!  A little steep in a spot  but nothing the ole LD couldn’t make.  So up we went.  This is where I am camped for the night.

A little history…..

The Trona Pinnacles are made up of tufas, which are strange crumbling porous rock spires.  They were formed underwater 10,000 – 100,000 years ago.  You might have seen them in Planet of the Apes, Star Trek V, or Lost in Space or over 30 other movies where they formed the backdrop.

It is very peaceful out here.  You can hardly hear a sound.  Plus you can see for many miles across the desert.  This is the view of the desert floor taken from my dinette.  NO TOO SHABBY!!!

I originally got the idea to check out the Tron Pinnacles from Frugal RV Travel.  Al  (the Bayfield Bunch) suggested looking them up on his blog.  They have several great ebooks for sale and I bought one titled California Boondocking the desert and Eastern Sierra.  They mentioned the Trona Pinnacles and that is all I need to head this way.  I am really glad I did.

Here are a few more pics of the tufas.

I was hoping that it would be a full moon tonight as many say that is the best time to view the pinnacles, but it is only a quarter moon.  But I can still pretend I am still in outer space like in the movies.

10 thoughts on “Trona Pinnacles

  1. What a view! Beautiful space. Would love to be there and see the full moon tonight. We will be freezing our a.. off here. It is blowing 30 mi/h and 32 F. (Tonight 27) No “mooning” here for sure. Take care.

  2. Wind is a fairly constant thing in this Trona and Ridgecrest area. Dry, sandy places and some rock desert floor. Can’t say I like it there because it’s hot and dry too, but you won’t have that many people around you this time of year! One thing…I think the air base Jean might be talking about is part of the Navy’s testing range for chem warfare and for other such things. No one allowed in without permission.

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