Tufa’s of Mono Lake

Get your butt out of bed…

Got off my butt this morning and nailed everything down and then drove down to the tufa sighting area.  Tufas are formed over time by the precipitation of carbonate minerals.  I am not a rocket scientist so if you really want to read up on them I suggest going to Wikipedia and they will explain them in depth.

Tufa’s are so cool!!!

All I know is that they really look cool!  Therefore I will just let my photos do the talking.  They are really something to see!

















Even sand tufa’s

There are even sand Tufa’s.  They are very delicate and almost look like little buildings.

The tufa on the right in this next pic is a home for an osprey.  What a view they must have.

This is another sand tufa that I really liked.

The Forest Service charges $3 to park and follow the trails all among the tufa’s.  Geezers like me only have to pay $1.50.  But it is well worth the small token payment to see these fabulous creations of nature.

16 thoughts on “Tufa’s of Mono Lake

  1. Jim, sure enjoyed your photos. I’ve seen pictures of the tufas before, but we’ve never actually driven to where we could see them. Driven past Mono Lake several times, but we don’t usually stop there for long. Thanks for sharing.

  2. those were just too exciting! each time i see some new photos of the west, i’m ready to hop in the rv and roll, but alas, i must wait yet again. meanwhile i’ll live vicariously thru others experiences for now so keep doing what you are doing. connie b.-lowbunch

  3. Very cool photos. I have been to Mammoth many times and never knew about these lovely creations. You continue to surprise and please so many of us!

  4. Great photos. Never heard of tufas but read the Wiki description. Fascinating. We definitely need to go see them! Your getting to see lots of interesting things on the way to OR.

  5. I knew about the tufas but not about sand tufas. Those are amazing. thanks for sharing the great photos. Next time we head south on 395, we’re going to stop!!

    • Funny you should say that. I actually saw Mono Lake on one of his California’s Gold Show many years ago and always thought it would be a neat place to visit. Huell Howser had a great show.

  6. Wonders of nature. Aren’t they beautiful!
    To me it looks like crystalined salt. But I read the explanation.
    We often found that in some parks it is forbidden to walk off the paths.
    Many times dogs are not allowed either. They would
    demolish the crust when running around, digging and scratching the soil.
    Also we human beings destroy more with our mindless trampling around
    than we know. Templates explained to us that just one step to take a close up
    photo can destroy hundreds of years of this delicate surface community.
    Who normally thinks about that?

  7. Amazing! Never knew there were such things. I’ll indeed look them up. Glad you photographed them for me here in SW Florida.

  8. Isn’t it interesting how mountains make their own cloud patterns. These are very cool looking. And the Supermoon over the canyon last night was Superb.

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