Finally get to Oregon

On to Oregon

After Bodie, I traveled on to Doyle, CA to pick up my mail, but I was too late and the post office had already closed. I instead travel up the road to a small town called Milford, CA where I stayed at the Honey Lake RV Park for a couple of days. It isn’t the greatest, but not bad for a night or two. They have a grocery store, diner and a bar, but I stayed to myself while there.

My new friends

I drove into Susanville to pick up needed supplies. The day I was leaving I went over to chat with the people next to me. It seems that they are going to the Goose Lake SP the same as me. They were going to be camp hosts there as well into June. What a small world.

Hiking around Goose Lake SP

Then I headed to Goose Lake where I was the only one there until my new friends Bill and Abby showed up. I decided to stay at Goose Lake for two nights only. That afternoon I went on a trail that completely surrounds the park and follows the creek.

This is a view of my campsite taken from the trail. It was under a beautiful maple tree and a couple of Quaking Aspens.

Here is a view of Goose Lake. It is a huge lake, but not very deep.

This is a picture of my new friends Bill and Abby. I really had a great time with them. They invited me over for tacos that night and we had a great conversation. They will be camp hosts here through June and then move to La Pine SP where they will also be camp hosts. Bill is signed up to work at Amazon in Fernley this winter so I will be seeing them there. Thanks Bill and Abby for the GREAT tacos.

In the evening you can see deer everywhere. I probably counted at least 25 and there had to be lots more in the surrounding area.

I had a great time at Goose Lake SP. I met up with my new friends and there was lots to see around the park. Next I will be traveling to La Pine SP, just north of La Pine, OR. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Finally get to Oregon

  1. I love making new friends and then being able to see them again while on the road. One of the best parts of this lifestyle.

  2. Mighty nice looking tree you are under there. We at the Bayfield Bunch always look for a tree to park near. Grew up with trees all around & it’s pretty hard to shake the comfort I get from being in, around, or near trees….AL:))

  3. LaPine State Park is really nice, think you’ll like it there. Lots to see and do in that area, too. Roll on through Eugene, and say “Hi”…we can’t make it up to Ochoco Divide due to our dog Rusty’s poor mobility. We just can’t leave him like this any more. Would love to see you and visit. At least give me a call on the cell 541-870-0281.

  4. Glad you are enjoying yourself, and why not? Lovely campsite with those trees. Love the photo of the deer. You catch beautiful scenes! Hopefully your stay in Oregon will be fulfilling.

  5. I’ve been tempted to checkout Goose Lake SP but the google maps ‘view’ of it just didn’t make it sound particularly inviting but your pictures make it look pretty nice — not as nice perhaps as other more ‘tree’y places but nice regardless. Keep up the good work on the photos!

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