Crooked River Ranch

A straight line to Crooked River

Back in 2010 I had stopped at the River Rim RV Park in Crooked River Ranch just north of Redmond.  It is a neat little Passport America campground with full hookups for only $16.60 per night.  They have clean restrooms but no laundry.  The park is located on the rim overlooking the Crooked River.  The canyon created by the river is very deep.

Don’t go near the edge!

They still have the same signs up near the rim of the canyon alerting you to the fact the rim is not stable.  I went out to the edge 2 years ago and again this year so I am figuring this is just a warning that if it caves in and you fall into the canyon that you had plenty of warning to stay away.

The views of the canyon were spectacular as you can see.

I think they have changed owners here but they were very nice.  There are a few permanent residents there as well but most of them are traveling through.  They also have Wi-Fi but I didn’t need that.

I was only going to be here as a last stop before heading into Prineville and meet my managers for my summer hosting job.  Prineville is only about 30 miles away through real pleasant farm roads.



5 thoughts on “Crooked River Ranch

  1. Oh great – I am always telling Russ to stay back from the edge. Now he’s going to say if Jimbo can do it, I can do it LOL!! That looks like a great little park. Thanks for the tip.

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