My home for the summer

I finally made it

I arrived in Prineville, OR on a week ago last Monday.  After stopping for groceries and gasoline I got a call from my area managers Sherrie and Red.  They were doing there wash and wondered if I could meet them there.  I looked up and I was about 100′ from the laundromat.  Small world isn’t it?  While at the laundromat I was able to do my wash as well which had built up for almost 2 weeks.  They took me to lunch, which was really  nice and we discussed the area and the my job duties.

Heading to my home for the summer

After lunch and my clothes washed and dryed we headed up to the campground.  Ochoco Divide Campground is at the summit of Highway 26 at 4,700 feet.  It is a small National Forest campground with pit toilets and trash, but no electric, water or sewer.  It is settled into a nice wooded area with huge Ponderosa Pines everywhere.

My camp host site is very near the entrance and I do have a sewer connection.  They will also be bringing a 325 gallon water tank to take care of my water needs.  I got settled into my site and they would return tomorrow to bring all the necessary supplies to handle my job.  This is a pic of my camp host space prior to getting all my supplies.

Fabulous pine trees means lots of pine needles

There are 200 ft Ponderosa pines everywhere. If you double click on the next pic you will see pine needles covering the road.  My first project was to remove all the pine needles from the road circling the campground.  Of course I had a blower that strapped on my back.

Another pic of the road with the beautiful trees.

This is another view of my rig in it’s home for the summer.

It took a long time before I made this post.  I was trying to get the Internet figured out here.  It can be really sporadic.  Plus the fact that I was working my buns off trying to get the park ready to open.  Normally at this time of the year there is still snow on the ground, but this year the winter was very mild.

14 thoughts on “My home for the summer

  1. Looks like you have a gorgeous place to spend the summer. Hope your campers are all the kind that appreciate the beauty and serenity of your piece of earth.

  2. Looks beautiful! Are they providing propane as well? I’m in Mira Loma in Jerry’s driveway for the Memorial Day weekend. Yes, that Jerry of Q. Will be finding a place until 6/4 when Larry W. will be adding solar panels and 4 AGMs and a battery monitor. Haven’t decided where I’ll go from there. I have some family and adopted family in Central CA so I may go there before heading towards less expensive NM. Hope you have a great summer!

    • No the don’t provide propane, but they did furnish me with a Honda 2000 portable generator. It works good on cloudy days. Say hi to Jerry for me and tell him I’ll see him again at Q this winter. More solar panels, AGMs and a battery monitor. Sounds pretty impressive.

      • I’ll pass your regards to Jerry. I’m impressed with the panels and batteries too. Gonna cost me but hopefully will make it worthwhile down the road.
        Regards the propane, you’ll likely have a full tank to start with. I was thinking of your cooking on your outside grill and inside too.

        Hmm, I can almost smell those pine needles…

  3. So lovely and peaceful looking. Enjoy! May the Gods of quiet seeking and neat campers smile on your work place so you can really enjoy it! Be well, Ann and Jerry

  4. Looks great Jim. I am surprised you didn’t get some snow over the last couple of days. So are just running off your solar? I hope you have a wonderful summer and lots of very nice campers.

    • It snowed here on Thursday. I am running mostly on solar with a Honda 2000 portable generator on cloudy days.

  5. Sure can identify with pine trees & pine needles alright. Our summer home is in a pine forest as well. Mostly white pines. Nice feeling to have arrived at your summer destination I bet. Always fun getting set up in a new place:))

  6. That is a very nice place to be for the summer, Jim. Know you will enjoy it there. Stay busy…as I’m sure you will…and savor the fragrance of those pine needles! Nice that you’ll have sewer and water, too.

  7. Jim looks like a nice park. Did you mention you will have electricity also. Tom and I are volunteering here at Yellowstone NP where it currently has been snowing for the last 4 day off and on. Incredible, snow in the summer. Anyway, enjoy your summer.

    • I have my solar panels and a Honda 2000 generator. I got some snow here a couple of days ago, but it has all melted now and weather is getting warmer. Yellowstone NP sounds like a very cool gig for you guys. Lots to see there.

  8. Jim, gorgeous area to be in for the summer. Looks very peaceful and the pines will add a lot. I can smell them now. Enjoy yourself as I know you will. I’m sure you will check out the area too. I’ll look forward to your updates.

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