Getting my campsite all set up

Getting my supplies

After my first day there, Red came over and picked me up and also brought a lot of the necessary items to perform my hosting job.  To begin, he brought over a small shed, which we assembled.  This was for the two leaf blowers, gas cans and various other items like shovels, rakes, brooms, etc.  They also supplied me with a Honda 2000 generator which is locked on the back of my rig.  Don’t forget the golf cart to ride around in.  Then we took the trailer back to his site where we picked up a 325 gallon water tank.  We had to fill it at his campground since there is no water at mine.  That took quite a while to fill.  Sherry also supplied me with all the different forms I will need to complete record payments, supplies, etc.  This is my well stocked campsite.

Cleaning the rest stop

On the way back to my site we stopped and cleaned the two pit toilets at the rest stop.  That is the only real bummer about this job as I have to clean them every Tuesday and Thursday.  Since I don’t have a toad that means driving my rig down there with the equipment needed to clean them.  It is only a mile down the road, but the shoulder of the road is too narrow to drive the golf cart on.  There is also no supplies stored at the rest stop so I have to load everything up to haul down there.  It is a bummer but it is part of the job I signed up for.

Ochoco Divide open for business

The following day I had all the pine needles cleaned up from the road and was working on getting each campsite cleaned up as well.  Red and Sherrie came by and Red took over cleaning up the campsites while Sherrie and I put up all the signage in the park and cleaning the fire pits.

Ochoco Divide was not supposed to open until Friday but have had people there starting on Wednesday.    I explained to them that we would be cleaning and making noise throughout the park but that was OK with them.  By Friday everything was ready to go.  Finally!

Ochoco Divide is at the summit of Highway 26.  I can hear the trucks going by and many of the big rigs stop at the summit going either way to check there brakes for the long haul down the mountain.

I guess it is now official that I am the camp host.  HA!!  And don’t forget to buy your firewood from me!

Here is a pic of the entrance to the campground.  Notice how clean the road is now!

Finally another pic of the nice clean roadway that runs throughout the park.

13 thoughts on “Getting my campsite all set up

  1. I’m curious… just how wide is that golf cart? I think our Lazy Daze is the same as yours (with the wide body etc). We didn’t have a tow vehicle for the first 5 years on the road… finally got our Scion in 2005. Rode bicycles before that 😉 Looks like you’ve done a great job getting that campground ready. Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good crowd and no problems.

    • Sorry Sharon but I meant the shoulder of the road. I am working to save up for a toad. One of these days….

  2. hi jim-well, what more could a man (or woman) need? looks really cozy and secluded and no fancy stuff. i’m on the opposite side of the u.s.-maine-and am sitting around pines also but yours look cozier. looks like a nice summer gig. connie b.

  3. I don’t quite understand – if this road to clean the toilets is too narrow for the golf cart, how are you going to get your rig down it? The campground looks wonderful and will probably be really busy this hot summer.

    • I goofed Sandie! I meant the shoulder of the road, not the road itself. I don’t want to get driving down that road in a golf cart with 18 wheelers flying by. It would not be too safe.

  4. Hey Jim! Key from Reno here. Ever since I hit the road I’ve been seeing your rig everywhere and keep thinking, “Could that be Jimbo?” Anyway, have fun in Oregon this summer. I’m starting work today, as well — Vegas for the summer.

    • There are a lot of Lazy Daze rigs with the same color as mine. Although you might have seen me in my travels up north to Oregon. Are you going to be up in Reno for the winter? Just wondering because I will be working at Amazon again and maybe we could get together.

      • No I really have no affinity to Reno, just worked there for 4 years but wasn’t really my scene. I’m on the road and hope to head east after working Vegas. I’m certain we’ll cross paths though!

  5. You’ve really got things looking good there, Jim. We stopped at that rest area on our way back from John Day. The gate was still across the entry to the campground. You’ve done a lot of work since you’ve been there, and it shows! I’m sure you will enjoy it there, since it’s such a wonderful area. We hope to get up there to see you at some point before you leave. Take care, and take lots of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Glad you’re all settled in. Looks beautiful there. Have a great summer and we’ll be curious to see if you ever want to be a camp host again after this experience.

  7. Wow, quite a nice looking and peaceful appearing area. Maybe a deer or two will pose for you? Great way to suffer. Enjoy.

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