Finally a beautiful day

The sun came out

Duh, what happened.  The weather improved today big time.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temp hit low 70’s.  Finally!  It was really beautiful.

Off to Canada

Not a whole lot to write about although I did have a couple last week riding through here on their way to Banff and other parts of Canada.  They were from Redmond and had just left that morning.  They stopped and I gave them some water.  From here down to Mitchell it is supposedly 17 miles all down hill.  They said they would stop by on their return trip.  I think there names were Ron and Debbie, but I am not good at remembering names.  Anyway  good luck to both of you in your bold adventure to our neighbor up north.  Hope to see you on your return trip so you can tell me all about it.


I called my friend Jack who is about to embark on his cross country trip in the next few days.  He is catching a train from Deming, NM to Eugene, OR and then bike to the coast where he will start his adventure.  He should be passing through this way sometime late next week.

Aspens among ponderosa pines

I did some hiking in the area and found some really interesting things such as this grove of aspen trees.

Plus some huge ponderosa pines.

My phone booth

If I have to make a phone call then I have to step up on my phone booth to get a good connection.  This rock is my phone booth.  HA!!

9 thoughts on “Finally a beautiful day

  1. Not much room to change into your Superman costume in that phone booth! We sure enjoyed the weather today. This is why Oregonians don’t all give up and move away when the rains come. Today was perfection.

  2. Sunshine!!! Yea. And I love the phone booth. We do find that we will do whatever needs to be done to get our internet and phone connections. Hope your sun sticks around for a few days so you can dry out.

    • It comes and goes sometimes, but most of the time it is pretty good. I was even able to watch a movie on my Kindle Fire yesterday.

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