Roger pays me a visit

Roger pays me a visit

My friend Roger wrote and said he would be leaving Bremerton, WA Tuesday morning.  I figured he wouldn’t get here until at least Wednesday but he called Tuesday afternoon from Redmond.  He was here a short time later and we were sitting around talking old times and new as well.  I couldn’t believe he made such good time.  He sure didn’t mess around getting here.  It was sure great seeing him.

We head to the Painted Hills

The following day he drove us out to the Painted Hills just east of Ochoco Divide.  What a beautiful place!  It is fabulous to see and if you are ever traveling on Hwy 26 thru Central Oregon don’t miss it.  It is 6 miles off the road down a paved road for a few miles and then it turns into a good gravel road to the overlooks.

The next two pics show the Painted Cove Trail where you can actually walk among the Painted Hills.  It is a short trail only 1/4 mile long and allows you to get up close to them.

Roger and his rig parked in front of the Painted Cove Trail.

This is a rather unique view taken from the gravel road.  The colors were really beautiful.

This is a great little picnic area near the information center.

The river that flows right next to the picnic area.

Certainly had a nice time

We had a nice campfire and dinner and talked about old times.  It was really great to see him.  Thanks Roger for coming to visit me.  I really enjoyed the company.

6 thoughts on “Roger pays me a visit

  1. Now that is the kind of trail we can hike. Had never heard of this area and look forward to seeing it some day. Isn’t it just so much fun to meet up with old friends and renew those special friendships.

  2. wow Jim! Amazing colors and forms. Hard to imagine it’s really nature. I’d never known of Tufa Monuments until I read your post. Keep up the good work!

  3. Enjoyed the Painted Hills. They are so beautiful that it’s hard to believe they’re real. Very glad you could visit with Roger as well. Enjoy!

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