Right next to the transamerica bike trail

Ochoco Divide campground is right off Highway 26 in central Oregon.  It is one of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trails that is created by the Adventure Cycling Association.  They have maps you can purchase that show all the routes from the west coast to the east coast and vice versa.  I have noticed most of the riders I have seen carry these compact maps on there bikes where they can refer to them.  They are also detailed with elevations, etc.

I always enjoy seeing the riders with all their gear riding along Hwy 26 as well as other routes.  I thought I would take this opportunity to show you some of the people who have come through this camp site.

Headed to Canada and Banff

The first people I met were a Ron and Debbie from Redmond, OR who had just started their adventure that day.  They only stopped here for water, which I was happy to oblige.  They mentioned that they were headed to Canada and on to Banff.  I told them to stop by here on their way back to tell me how it went.

My friend Jack – is he crazy?

The next guy I saw was a good friend of mine.  He and I go back 2 years and we communicate with each other quite often.  Jack decided this year that he was going to fulfill one of his dreams to bicycle across the country.  He and his bike took a train to Eugene, OR and then bicycled to the coast for the official start.  He stopped in here to have lunch with me and chatted for a couple of hours and then he was on his way again.

A wonderful family out on a bike ride

The next bicyclists I saw stayed in the campground over night.  They had traveled from Portland, OR and their destination was Baker City, OR where they were going to meet up with their family.  This was a family of four.  The father, Chris was on a bike built for three and also carried is daughter Alexis followed up with his son Jackson.  That was a looong bike.  The mom, Melissa rode a bike that pulled a trailer caring a lot of their gear.  They were so much fun to talk with.

Max came all the way from London, England

The next cyclist was the first one I have seen from the east coast.  Max was from London, England and he and his bike flew to South Carolina where he started his journey.  From South Carolina he cycled up to Kennebunkport, MA and then to the west coast.  He had been on the road 2 1/2 months when he arrived in the campground.  From here he was traveling to the Oregon coast and then down to the California redwoods and finally to San Francisco and eventually Los Angeles.  He then planned to fly to the Grand Canyon to see it and then home to London.  He was a very adventurous guy and traveled all by himself.  He said his biggest thrill cycling across the country was when he saw the Grand Tetons.  That blew him away.  What a fabulous journey!!

John a determined cyclist

The last cyclist I have encountered was John.  He started out from Seattle, WA and has made a giant loop of all the northwestern states.  He was headed over to the coast and then back up to Seattle.  I gave him some water which he really needed.  He mentioned that he couldn’t wait to get to a motel and bath and wash clothes.  He hadn’t changed his shorts in over 8 days.  What a bummer!

Lots of others too

I have seen many other cyclists but didn’t always have my camera handy.  They each had their own story to tell.  I have to hand it to them for their determination and strength to take on such an adventure.  They were all very interesting people.

7 thoughts on “Bicyclists

  1. Great post Jim. You have met some really interesting people this summer. My favorite I think was the guy with the goat, even if he did say on his blog how much he admired people like you in their golden years not being afraid to get out there and do stuff!! Geez, doesn’t he know you’re still in the prime of life hahaha.

    • Hi Donna,

      I just read his post. HA! I guess I should just call it quits and check into an “Old Folks Home”. These “sunset years” are doing me in. I might also add that I have a Lazy Daze not a “Wennibego. Do you think I can get a steak, asparagus and baked potato at the old folks home or does their menu consist only of porridge and jello?

  2. Looks like you’re enjoying your summer gig. I’m loving being in Colorado in the high mountains. Looking forward to sharing tales at the Balloon Fiesta!

  3. Hi Jim,
    We enjoy your stories of adventure. It keeps us going until we travel South in the Fall. Take care, Jan & Merrill

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