Ochoco Divide Wild Flowers

Photographing wildflowers

The wildflowers here at Ochoco Divide campground are coming up everywhere.  They are in the campsites, along the road and especially in the fields.  It is magnificent.  I am not a great photographer like Al of the Bayfield Bunch and don’t have a high end camera, but the fact that it is digital gives me the opportunity to experiment until I get what I think is a nice picture.  That involves taking 100’s of pics and deleting those that just didn’t work out well.  Below are some of my better shots.

You can enlarge any pic by clicking on it and then clicking on it again.

Wildflowers are very small

All of the above wildflowers are very small with some not even a 1/2′ in diameter.  Part of the problem with photographing wildflowers is the breezes that come up and blow the flowers just when you have the focused.

I had a great time finding all these different flowers.  Some of them could only be found one or two flowers in a very small area.  Because of their size I got a lot of hiking in as well to find as many different kinds as possible.

12 thoughts on “Ochoco Divide Wild Flowers

  1. I love seeing all those pictures of the flowers. It is so much fun when you find a hidden treasure in the underbrush. They are beautiful

  2. nice-and those two little fuzzy guys in the last pic look like they could be at the bottom of the ocean when you enlarge them. thanks!

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